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Introducing the Omni Tool. This tool is the universal SilencerCo tool, capable of handling Alpha, Bravo, Charlie compatible suppressors and accessories. This tool is the Bravo Multi Tool, Charlie Multi Tool, and Alpha Piston Tool, all in one tight package. It also has a bottle opener on the side to make it an every day carry tool, and a carabiner slot so that you can easily pack it to the range. It is built to tighten and remove front caps, mounts, and muzzle devices. Can be used with a Spanner Wrench to remove mounts from the suppressor bodies.

To top it off, every Omni Tool ships in a large suppressor sleeve in case you need an extra, or just want to keep the Omni Tool’s matte black finish perfect.

Compatible with:

  • Scythe-Ti
  • Harvester Evo
  • Omega 300
  • Hybrid 46
  • Omega 36M
  • Hybrid 46M
  • Saker ASR
  • Chimera 300
  • Velos LBP
  • Octane Series
  • Omega K Series
  • Osprey 2.0

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