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Let us do the research for your next build. Our database has over 10,000 host weapons to help you find what’s compatible with your next silencer purchase.

At SilencerCo we have pride in our work and a passion for shooting. Our customers aren't just gun enthusiasts, they're fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and people just like us. We demand the best from our products. We've dedicated our time and energy to product advancement and creative technology to better serve the end user: you.

Ten Years

Ten Years

Our dedication to authenticity has never wavered since the birth of SilencerCo in 2008. We continue to strive for exceptional customer service and to create industry-leading products but that's not enough. Our product is ever-changing, ever-improving, and is crafted by people with the utmost dedication to our industry and what lies ahead.

There's a long and exciting road in front of us, and we look forward to working together to Fight The Noise.

Harvested: One For Diddy


Stumbling over rocky Texas terrain isn't exactly easy. Combine that with darkness and we're falling hands over feet — where everything pokes, pricks, and bites. There are no lights on this trek. We're trying to get within range of long-beard turkeys thundering their morning wake up calls. White flashlight beams bouncing through scrub isn't what most hunters would consider a stealth tactic, but it's the best we had. Logan is familiar with guns, but a first-time hunte

EP 68 - The End of an Era


The Gauntlet: Chimera 300

We decided to push our most reliable silencer to the limit — and this time we wanted to take our test methods to the next level. What better way to test durability than to let a few of our favorite people put the Chimera through a gauntlet of challenges doing what they do best? Watch our latest film The Gauntlet: Chimera 300. Watch Omar Avila (@crispy11b), Courtney Smith (@sportswomancourtney), Matt Carriker (@drdemolitionmatt), Dave Kiley (@the_diesel_dave), and Rob Terkla (@lunkerstv) put the Chimera