Long Range Silencers

Minimize recoil and increase accuracy.

Benefits of shooting suppressed for long-range.

Long-range and competition shooters will greatly benefit from adding a suppressor to their firearm setup. Suppressors not only minimize sound impact, but they also reduce recoil, providing better follow-up shots and increasing accuracy. For shooters aiming for a small spot on the target hundreds or thousands of yards away, every advantage matters.

SilencerCo offers several suppressors that are ideal for these long-range shooters. The Harvester EVO is lightweight and minimal, keeping impact low with a clean exterior design. The Omega 300 includes an anchor brake for added recoil reduction and improved accuracy. The Hybrid 46M gives shooters the ability to shoot larger bore calibers like .338 LPM. SilencerCo has an option for every need.

Suppressors by SilencerCo

SilencerCo specializes in innovation and developing suppressors that uniquely enhance the shooting experience. All of our products are machined and assembled with precision to provide you with the very best. We source as many materials as possible through American companies to keep our suppressors 100% American-made. Our silencers are manufactured in-house so that we can monitor each step of the process and deliver a top-notch product. We are passionate about our craft and we care about you, our customers.

The SilencerCo Brand.

Since our birth in 2008, our dedication to authenticity and innovation has never wavered. Today, we continue to focus on exceptional customer service and industry-leading products; products that are crafted by people with the utmost dedication to our industry. We are hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts, just like you. Our mission is to bring you products that will enhance your shooting experience.