Harvester EVO

The next generation of our precision hunting suppressor


The Harvester Evo provides the everyday shooter and hunter with world class sound reduction performance from a robustly built, short and lightweight suppressor which outperforms all other suppressors in its class. It is the next generation of a dedicated precision and hunting suppressor and the successor to the firearm industry’s most popular and widely recognized hunting suppressor. The Harvester Evo addresses the feedback SilencerCo has received from shooters throughout the years and provides hunters and precision shooters with a shorter and lighter, tubeless .30 caliber suppressor making it easily maneuverable and ideally suited for long treks, where every inch and every ounce matters.


Better for your ears and the environment.


Less weight means longer days.


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We didn’t let the weather slow us down. After all, enjoying the great outdoors sometimes requires a little fortitude. Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the all new Harvester EVO rifle suppressor.

The Harvester EVO is a .30 Caliber rifle suppressor that is light, affordable, and sounds amazing on rifle calibers from 5.56 all the way up to 300 RUM.

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