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The Omega 36M multi-caliber suppressor is the multi-tool of cans.

Omega 36M: Mighty Modular Multi-Caliber

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on reddit The Omega 36M is a mighty, modular, multi-caliber suppressor…a multi-tool Hiram Percy Maxim would admire. Read on and we will explain.  Omega 36M Multi-Caliber Suppressor A Multi-Tool Can for Many Uses  The Omega 36M is a multi-caliber rated,  modular design suppressor envisioned and realized as a “multi-tool of suppressors”. Although it’s not the only multi-caliber silencer out there, it is the most popular and highest rated one.  That’s not sensational self-promotion, that’s the estimation provided by a slew of reviewers and publications. Read on and see.  Back

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