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SilencerCo is excited to launch “American Gun,” a series of videos featuring vastly different kinds of gun owners around America that will illustrate the commonality of firearms among people from all walks of life. The first video, “American Gun: The Realtor,” will be released, July 14th, 2021, with a series of videos to follow on a monthly basis.
We really should have caught on to the fact there’s a killer 9mm handgun with a built-in suppressor named the Maxim 9 sooner. But Task & Purpose got our attention by highlighting the recent short film above, which was posted in mid-August by the gun’s maker, SilencerCo.
“What we’re shooting here now is a Benelli M4, 12-gauge shotgun,” he says, loading the ammo. “And we’re going to shoot it unsuppressed here first and then we’ll do suppressed.”
If jumping out of a helicopter, shooting firearms while free falling through the air, and taking aim under canopy while you come in for a landing sounds like fun to you, SilencerCo, a West Valley City, Utah-based manufacturer of gun sound suppressors should be right up your alley.