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Zev Purchase Press Release

Zev Purchase Press Release

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Zev Purchase Press Release

SilencerCo Acquires Zev Technologies, Looks to Reset Brand Focus

July 11, 2024 — West Valley City, UT — SilencerCo is proud to announce its pending acquisition of certain business operations of Zev Technologies, a firearm and firearm parts manufacturer. The two brands are excited to join together in their efforts to bring quality products to the firearms industry. The transaction is expected to close during the second half of July. SilencerCo plans to bring renewed focus to the Zev Technologies brand as Zev shifts away from its OEM operations while maintaining their headquarters in Centralia, Washington.

Zev Technologies is an industry leader that has created many influential products throughout the years. They pioneered the Glock customization trend with their popular slides, triggers, barrels, and more. Zev also created the OZ9 Pistol, with its unique internal design, to give shooters more balance and control. The innovation didn’t stop with the OZ9 Pistol, as Zev and Magpul are working to create the Folding Defensive Pistol (FDP-9) and the Folding Defensive Carbine (FDC-9).

Zev FDP carbine
The new ZEV FDP carbine.

“We are very happy to align ourselves with such an innovative company as Zev Technologies,” said Jonathon Shults, SilencerCo CEO. “We look forward to the launch of the FDP-9/FDC-9 in conjunction with Magpul and anticipate that product launch taking place later this year.”

Moving forward, SilencerCo will be hyper focused on furthering Zev’s brand. SilencerCo will be bringing additional resources for Zev-specific product launches and innovation. With this direction, SilencerCo is confident that Zev will have more opportunities to flourish as a brand.

“Our team is excited for the future of Zev under this new acquisition,” said Taylor Goode, Zev Technologies President. “We look forward to working closely with SilencerCo to enhance both of our brands and product lines.”

To learn more about Zev Technologies, go to https://www.zevtechnologies.com/. To learn more about SilencerCo, go to https://silencerco.com/.

SilencerCo, headquartered in West Valley, UT, is recognized as the nation’s foremost designer and manufacturer of suppressors. Established in 2008, the company’s commitment to authenticity and innovation has remained steadfast. Today, SilencerCo is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and pioneering products crafted by individuals deeply dedicated to the industry. They are hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts, mirroring their customers’ passions. SilencerCo’s innovative and forward-thinking approach has enabled them to achieve what many believed to be unattainable within the firearms industry. This relentless pursuit of excellence is driven by their dedication to providing the best for individuals who appreciate firearms—the shooters, hunters, and Second Amendment advocates—who deserve nothing less than the finest products available.


PHONE: 385.887.1414

EMAIL: [email protected]

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