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The Gauntlet: Chimera 300

We decided to push our most reliable silencer to the limit — and this time we wanted to take our test methods to the next level. What better way to test durability than to let a few of our favorite people put the Chimera through a gauntlet of challenges doing what they do best? Watch our latest film The Gauntlet: Chimera 300. Watch Omar Avila (@crispy11b), Courtney Smith (@sportswomancourtney), Matt Carriker (@drdemolitionmatt), Dave Kiley (@the_diesel_dave), and Rob Terkla (@lunkerstv) put the Chimera 300 to the test. No barrel restrictions, full-auto rated, multi-caliber, and perfectly suited for a variety of hosts;

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Mayhem Maketh Man

Because sometimes you need to blow up an RV. When SilencerCo and Travis Pastrana team up, you can be sure of two things: it will be awesome, and something will explode. We headed out to the Utah desert with Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, and gang to do what we do best. This meant shooting a lot (a LOT) of guns at some…unusual targets. Watch the video to see how much damage a bowling ball and some Tannerite® can do to a Breaking Bad-worthy camper van. WARNING: The people in this video are semi-trained professionals. Don’t try this at home. *Click the

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#FTN: Tyron Woodley

Fight The Noise: UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley With a nickname like “The Chose One,” you’ve got to be able to hold your own – both in and out of the octagon. Click the video above to watch Woodley Fight the Noise and hear his own non-politically correct take on SilencerCo’s slogan. As the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion, Tyron Woodley has proven his fighting prowess time and time again. Beginning with wrestling before moving into mixed martial arts, Woodley has built an impressive career in his eight years in the field. What sets Woodley apart even more is that his

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Maxim 9 FPS

Ever wondered what it would be like to shoot under canopy? We did. As we’ve seen with countless products that are truly groundbreaking, people don’t know that they want the solution until the solution is created. The bounds of imagination harness what we believe to be possible, thereby creating a limited scope of expectations. At SilencerCo, we operate outside of the realm of what is traditionally possible. With the creation of the Maxim 9, we’ve devised a way to make shooting suppressed not only safe and enjoyable, but also second nature. Instead of just providing an answer, we changed the

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Shooting Under Canopy

Ever wondered what it would be like to shoot under canopy? We did. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot under canopy? We did, and we met up with our friends at Erathr3 and the best of the best to make it happen. Click the play button above to check out our latest short film where we get involved in some high intensity under-canopy target practice.

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Silencing Myths

Silencing Myths: Video Game Misconceptions with Alanah Pearce In some of today’s most popular video games silencers are used to reduce your favorite gun’s noise down to a whisper. But how accurate are video games when it comes to depicting the use of silencers? We met up with video game expert Alanah Pearce of to talk about these common silencer misconceptions and accompany her as she takes her first shots, both unsuppressed and suppressed. Equipped with a Tikka T3 in 6.5mm Creedmoor we test three misconceptions of shooting suppressed vs. unsuppressed: sound, bullet speed, and bullet impact. Watch the

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Harvested: Down Home

They think Florida, you know palm trees and Disney World® and all that stuff. Where I’m from and where I grew up is very rural – a lot of farming and hunting and country music. It’s definitely a way of life. Easton Corbin has made his name as a country music artist, but this rising star has stayed grounded by always returning home to his roots in the American South. This reminds me of where I grew up. Just to be able to get out here and get in the woods, it makes me feel at home.

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Harvested: Venganza

No matter where we’re from, we’ve all grown up with stories that seemed larger than life. Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman . . . some legends are just that . . . legends. They’re things that our elders tell us to teach us a lesson or spark our imagination. But what if you found out that one was real . . . That was the case for two brothers who grew up listening to their abuelo spin yarns about a legend from their homeland: El Gigante. After their grandfather went missing during a hunt, these brothers decided to

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