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Cannon in the desert.

Mayhem Maketh Man

Because sometimes you need to blow up an RV. When SilencerCo and Travis Pastrana team up, you can be sure of two things: it will be awesome, and something will explode. We headed out to the Utah desert with Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, and gang to do what we do best. This meant shooting a lot (a LOT) of guns at some…unusual targets. Watch the video to see how much damage a bowling ball and some Tannerite® can do to a Breaking Bad-worthy camper van. WARNING: The people in this video are semi-trained professionals. Don’t try this at home. *Click the

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A Flamethrower and Omar Avila (Crispy).

The Gauntlet: Chimera 300

We decided to push our most reliable silencer to the limit — and this time we wanted to take our test methods to the next level. What better way to test durability than to let a few of our favorite people put the Chimera through a gauntlet of challenges doing what they do best? Watch our latest film The Gauntlet: Chimera 300. Watch Omar Avila (@crispy11b), Courtney Smith (@sportswomancourtney), Matt Carriker (@drdemolitionmatt), Dave Kiley (@the_diesel_dave), and Rob Terkla (@lunkerstv) put the Chimera 300 to the test. No barrel restrictions, full-auto rated, multi-caliber, and perfectly suited for a variety of hosts;

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Boating and fishing.

Harvested: September

Stumbling over rocky Texas terrain isn’t exactly easy. Combine that with darkness and we’re falling hands over feet — where everything pokes, pricks, and bites. There are no lights on this trek. We’re trying to get within range of long-beard turkeys thundering their morning wake up calls. White flashlight beams bouncing through scrub isn’t what most hunters would consider a stealth tactic, but it’s the best we had. Logan is familiar with guns, but a first-time hunter. I’ve stressed the importance of stillness to her. A hunter can shift a little near big Toms, blind with testosterone and ready to

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Bear hunting with a Harvester 300.

Harvested: The Veteran Rookie

For professional basketball player, George Hill, hunting may not be easy — but it’s part of his identity. He joined us for Harvested : The Veteran Rookie to gain some experience and get his much-needed country time. As a child, Hill admired athletes like Michael Jordan and dreamt of playing in the NBA. He practiced basketball religiously in urban Indianapolis, and in 2008, his hard work paid off when he was drafted for the San Antonio Spurs at age 22. His career took him through various teams including the Utah Jazz, but just two months ago George signed with the

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Hunting with the Omega 300 silencer.

Harvested: Last Hurrah

Josh Kline is no stranger to hard work and the need to overcome adversity. Looking back at the last five years of his NFL career it’s filled with highs and lows. After signing with the New England Patriots in 2013 for his rookie year, he rode that roller coaster of ups and downs. By 2016, and starting only 18 games for New England, Josh was released by the Patriots in Week 1 to be claimed soon after by the Tennessee Titans. His approach to the game allowed him to adjust to a new offensive scheme and have an immediate positive

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Hunting with SilencerCo suppressors.

Harvested: From Field To Plate

During the age of information when we can find out almost anything at the touch of a button, is it any wonder people are starting to look deeper into where their food comes from? As the desire to understand the origins of our food grows, so does the desire to consume only the most local, healthy, and beneficial sustenance possible. With this, we’ve officially entered the age of the Locavore – a person whose diet consists primarily of locally sourced products. And what’s more Locavore than hunting your own meat? In Harvested: From Field to Plate, we link up with

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