Maxim 9 FPS

Maxim 9 FPS

Ever wondered what it would be like to shoot under canopy? We did.

As we’ve seen with countless products that are truly groundbreaking, people don’t know that they want the solution until the solution is created. The bounds of imagination harness what we believe to be possible, thereby creating a limited scope of expectations.

At SilencerCo, we operate outside of the realm of what is traditionally possible.

With the creation of the Maxim 9, we’ve devised a way to make shooting suppressed not only safe and enjoyable, but also second nature. Instead of just providing an answer, we changed the question entirely. “Why would you need to shoot suppressed?” has turned into “Why wouldn’t you shoot suppressed?”

Defending your home. Acting in the line of duty. Teaching your children. Protecting yourself in the wild. Shooting in a confined space. These are times when traditional in- or over-ear hearing protection is not only inconvenient, it is unsafe, and taking the time to attach a silencer to your firearm can waste precious seconds. Put yourself in these real-life scenarios as we take you Behind the Sights of the Maxim 9.

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