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Harvested: The Veteran Rookie

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Harvested: The Veteran Rookie

Harvested: The Veteran Rookie

For professional basketball player, George Hill, hunting may not be easy — but it’s part of his identity. He joined us for Harvested : The Veteran Rookie to gain some experience and get his much-needed country time.

As a child, Hill admired athletes like Michael Jordan and dreamt of playing in the NBA. He practiced basketball religiously in urban Indianapolis, and in 2008, his hard work paid off when he was drafted for the San Antonio Spurs at age 22. His career took him through various teams including the Utah Jazz, but just two months ago George signed with the Sacramento Kings as a point guard.

He likens hunting to basketball, “I can tell I was a rookie out there… Jordan missed shots, but he wasn’t afraid to take the next one.” If one thing is clear, it’s that George Hill remains strong and unafraid. He’ll give anything a shot and never surrenders. He knows precision is born from experience, not training. Regardless of how much time he’s spent taking shots, he knows it’s not dynamic like the field or the court. He has to get outside and be fully immersed in the game to walk away with valuable wisdom.

Hill admirably holds a strong self-awareness and identity. Guns, hunting, shooting, and silencers are something he honors for relaxing and obtaining humane meat. Social media has an “unfollow” for those who can’t accept him because of his beliefs. If you’re truly a fan, you’ll accept him for who he is.

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