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Maxim 9 FPS

Ever wondered what it would be like to shoot under canopy? We did. As we’ve seen with countless products that are truly groundbreaking, people don’t know that they want the solution until the solution is created. The bounds of imagination harness what we believe to be possible, thereby creating a limited scope of expectations. At SilencerCo, we operate outside of the realm of what is traditionally possible. With the creation of the Maxim 9, we’ve devised a way to make shooting suppressed not only safe and enjoyable, but also second nature. Instead of just providing an answer, we changed the

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ASA: United We Stand

A factual review of the Hearing Protection Act from the board of the ASA Over the past several months, the popularity of Hearing Protection Act (HPA) has propelled it to the forefront of firearms related advocacy. However, a certain amount of confusion regarding expectations for the legislation has followed. As the Board of the American Suppressor Association (ASA), we are collectively and continually leading the charge to pass pro-suppressor reform on both the State and the Federal levels. Therefore, we take this opportunity to give you, the public, a factual review of the Hearing Protection Act, and the State level

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New Finishes Now Available!

Your favorite SilencerCo suppressors, now available in two new finishes. Featuring the Spectre, Hybrid, Omega 9K, Chimera, and Omega 300. Reach out to your local dealer to get yours today. FIND A DEALER

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SilencerCo Switchback 22

SilencerCo Launched the Switchback 22 Modular Rimfire Silencer WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – September 25, 2018 – SilencerCo has unveiled a new .22 suppressor that is aimed to silence the rimfire market and to commemorate the company’s 10-year anniversary. The Switchback 22 allows users to choose between three lengths, with the long configuration optimized for either a pistol or rifle host. As the most versatile rimfire silencer ever developed, the Switchback 22 is the first to use rocket propulsion principles. This approach to engineering results in non-intuitive baffle reversal and reduces the sound report on a .22LR rifle to an

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