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Gaming with a SilencerCo Osprey

Gaming with a SilencerCo Osprey

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Gaming with a SilencerCo Osprey

Travis Pike

Travis Pike

The SilencerCo Osprey design is eye-catching. In a world where cans are mostly tubes with baffles, SilencerCo did something different with the Osprey. It’s unique square shape makes it tough to forget. It stand outs and has become a favorite in video games. Here, I’ve gathered ten different examples in which the Osprey popped up in video games. 

1. Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint

SilencerCo Osprey in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon is one of the classic tactical first-person shooters. The latest entries, Wildlands and Breakpoint, give you tons of in-game gun customization, and one of the more important factors is the use of suppressors. Players can remove or attach suppressors on-demand, and Osprey is the HDG suppressor, aka the handgun suppressor. 

Suppressors give you that movie quiet effect regardless of caliber, although some guns are inherently more stealthy than others. Suppressors in the game reduce damage by 20%, which makes no sense in-game. It’s a silly little video game thing that’s done for balance issues. In the game, the design of the SilencerCo Osprey makes it easy to use your sights when firing in the first person, just like in real life. 

2. Escape from Tarkov

SilencerCo Osprey Escape from Tarkov video game

Escape from Tarkov prides itself on the realistic representation of ammo, firearms, and accessories, and they do a great job with suppressors and guns. The SilencerCo Osprey is known as the Osprey in the game and can even be paired with subsonic ammo. 

Unlike other games, your gun still hits hard but does have less recoil, and the only downside is an ergonomics reduction and size penalty in your inventory. Both are accurate as a can will make your gun longer and slightly heavier in real life. In Escape from Tarkov, this suppressor is 9mm only and can be mounted to handguns and SMGs, and the Osprey 9mm is rated for full-auto fire.

3. Far Cry 5 and 6

Far Cry 6 silencer

Far Cry is far from realistic, and both Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 6 feature a SilencerCo Osprey inspired suppressor that equips to the P226. Unlike other games, suppressors do not reduce your damage, range, or anything like that. There is no penalty for using a can. 

In FC6, the cans can overheat and lose effectiveness. However, the Osprey and other professionally made suppressors last a fair bit before losing effectiveness. What’s unrealistic is that in both FC5 and FC6, the suppressors have what appear to be vents on the side of the suppressors, which would render them useless. 

4. Rainbow Six Siege

SilencerCo Osprey in Rainbow Six Siege video game.

In Rainbow Six Siege, you play as the famed Rainbow Six teams and wield tons of real guns, outfitted with authentic accessories like the SilencerCo Osprey suppressor. The Osprey gets tossed on most handguns and SMGs in-game and some of the ultra-short rifles. The Osprey shouldn’t be used on a 5.56 rifle.

Like most games, attaching a suppressor has some silly effects. In Rainbow Six Siege, suppressors reduce damage by 15%. However, they also prevent you from triggering a threat indicator and directional indicators when fired at an enemy. When equipped with a can the weapon can’t be heard from more than 30 meters away. It’s neat and makes suppressors valuable. 

5. Hitman Trilogy

Hitman Trilogy suppressor

The Osprey randomly pops up on Covert and Stealth models of specific firearms in the new Hitman Trilogy. Guns like the HWK21 Covert and TAC SMG Covert wear the Osprey suppressor, although it’s not named the Osprey. 

Like most games, somehow, the gun does less damage, and it’s a trope in video games at this point. 

6. PayDay 2

SilencerCo Osprey in PayDay2

PayDay 2 is an online multiplayer cooperative game where a crew of players teams up to rob banks, armored cars, criminals, jewelry stores, and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s one of my favorite multiplayer games, and it’s chock full of guns, and you can modify guns extensively. Most handguns allow you to attach the Monolithic Suppressor, aka the Osprey. 

It’s one of the game’s better suppressors and costs a startling 36,000 dollars in game. Hell, I see why you have to rob banks to live in this world. The Osprey reduces damage by 1 in the game, which is silly. However, the suppressor realistically reduces concealment and improves “Stability,” which translates to lower recoil. Because the gun is quieter, it also reduces the threat of the weapon. 

7. Warface

SilencerCo Osprey in Warface

The online shooter Warface famously utilizes a wide variety of guns and accessories, most modeled on real weapons and genuine accessories. The osprey 9 pops up by name and mounts to the Marlin 1894 rifle or the MP7 Special Pharaoh edition. Odd, but that’s not the only place the Osprey 9 pops up. It’s also named the Custom Tactical Suppressor, which can be equipped with the SIG P226. 

Suppressors that look a lot like the SilencerCo Osprey are known as the Tactical silencer and the Gilboa Snake DBR Silencer. Those are both rifles, and well, the Osprey isn’t exactly rated for 5.56 and 7.62x39mm rifles. These suppressors eliminate sound but also reduce damage and reduce ‘spread’ which can be taken to mean recoil since it makes your groups tighter but isn’t an accuracy bonus. 

8. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Spec Ops Vector SMG with Osprey suppressor, drum magazine, and holosight.

 State of Decay 2 is an open-world zombie game that tasks the player to form a colony and keep it alive. Part of that means killing zombies, and noise is a significant factor in this game. Suppressed weapons allow you to pick off enemies without attracting the attention of other zombies. The game will enable you to craft or find suppressors, and the Osprey is represented. 

In fact, it’s the best suppressor in the game and is known as the Advanced Suppressor. Suppressors don’t reduce damage or range, but they do cause weapon wear. The guns in State of Decay 2 wear out and must be replaced. Suppressors cause them to wear faster. Better suppressors slowly reduce wear, and the Osprey is the best in the game. 

9. Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline, suppressed handgun

Battlefield used to be my favorite series, and I spent too many hours playing BF4. Hardline was a weird one that put cops versus criminals in a game that typically had soldier vs. soldier combat. In Hardline, you had a variety of customizable weapons and one muzzle device, including the Osprey. 

As a first-person shooter, you look down the sights, and the shape of the Osprey makes it reasonably handy for aiming your sights at enemy players with a more open field of view. Suppressors don’t reduce damage in the game, but with sniper rifles, they increase bullet drop, forcing you to estimate more. They do increase control and keep you off the radar when you start firing. 

10. Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 silencerco osprey

Cyberpunk takes place in an alternate timeline and well into the future. The game is a first-person shooter that utilizes customizable firearms. One attachment you can use is suppressors, and one suppressor looks a lot like the Osprey. The XC-10 isn’t quite the Osprey, but it’s clearly inspired by the design. 

It’s square-shaped, doesn’t block iron sights, and gives you a nice sneaky option. However, it also reduces weapon damage by 30%, but if you fire from stealth, the gun does 2.5X damage, and you have a 10% increase for a critical hit. It’s not realistic, but it’s fun to see a fictional suppressor popping up in Cyberpunk based on the Osprey. 

Let the Osprey Fly!

The SilencerCo Osprey is a media darling. A simple metal tube might work, but video games have to have some style and variety to them. The Osprey’s unique design makes it stand out and makes it a natural choice for video games. It’s popped up so often that I’ve likely missed one or two. Let me know below which ones I’ve missed. 

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