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Dealer Blog 006: Capitol Armory

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Dealer Blog 006: Capitol Armory

Dealer Blog 006: Capitol Armory

“As soon as I walked in the door, I knew Capitol Armory was different.”

Texas is the renowned Lone Star state  famous for barbecue, football, and, of course, firearms. In order excel in gun-friendly Texas, Capitol Armory needed flawless expertise  far and wide. Based on the edge of Austin, they’ve been serving customers since 2009.

Capitol Armory’s knowledge spans from gunsmithing to NFA filing. They’ll bend over backwards for a customer and their famous Easy Pay program gives four months to pay off NFA items a nice offset to the dreaded tax stamp. But what really makes them unique is their passion for NFA items and their desire to help customers navigate this field.

Capitol Armory with the SIlencerCo Osprey,

We begin every day with our customers in mind.

Nearly 10 years ago, Capitol Armory founder and owner, Torrey Eltiste, recalls, I was an avid gun collector and I wanted to [sell firearms] a part-time gig born out of passion for the industry. After about five years, I sold my other business and focused all of my attention on firearms.

Torrey’s approach was simple: create a finance plan, build a website, get a building, and stock inventory. Once I had these, I could really focus on developing a solid team and focusing on customer service, Torrey said. It was around this time I met Jorge Da Silva.

Avid NFA fans likely know Jorge by his Instagram handle, @silencers_1909

Jorge’s journey to Capitol Armory is much like one you’d read in a book. The gun-loving Dallas native nearly abandoned his passion for NFA items after owning over 20 silencers. I didn’t feel like I was getting the best customer service, so I began looking for new dealers outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Jorge said. This lead to the worst service I ever experienced.

In an attempt to reconcile his love for guns, Jorge scoured online gun forums for better dealers. He wanted one with exceptional customer service; can you blame him? He stumbled upon Capitol Armory in an online conversation. People raved about their customer service and exceptional business model. Jorge drove the three hours to Capitol Armory without hesitation, the whole time hoping the positive reviews would stand true.

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew Capitol Armory was different, recalled Jorge. They made such a good impression, I immediately knew I would never buy from any other dealer and wanted to promote them as much as I could.

Capitol Armory's SIlencerCo Salvo display.

Of his own accord, Jorge promoted Capitol Armory through campaigns highlighting products and specials. His passion for their customer dedication and impeccable service took him so far as to hold contests and give away personal items like iPads, scope mounts even cash. To be clear, Capitol Armory never asked for this. In fact, they didn’t even know about it.

I would drive down from Dallas to Austin, hang out for the day, take some pictures of new items and promotions, then post them online to promote the company, Jorge said. I was so excited to have finally found a great dealer, I wanted everyone to know about it.

Torrey was thrilled when he discovered Jorge’s genius  he finally found someone with enthusiasm that matched his own.

I asked him if he wanted a job running social media for Capitol Armory  he was already doing the work, said Torrey. It was a natural fit, so I asked him if he would consider moving to Austin to work full-time.

Jorge gladly accepted the offer.

The pairing of these two gun enthusiasts worked to create a customer service experience unique to Capitol Armory.

We begin every day with our customers in mind, Torrey said. Whether it’s returning voicemails, answering emails, or tracking down a special item, we are here for our customers and fully believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity.

Capitol Armory's SIlencerCo Maxim display.

To educate customers, and to sometimes help soothe the NFA approval waiting time, Capitol Armory holds regular shooting events that are open to the general public. Educating and reeducating people are important things in this industry, especially when you consider that the rules seem to always be changing, Torrey said. We hold regular shooting events where first-timers can try shooting suppressed, and where customers who have bought an NFA item, like the Maxim 9, can come and actually shoot their gun while they are waiting for their Form 4 to be approved.

In fact, SilencerCo recently traveled to Texas to support Capitol Armory during one of their Maxim 9 conjugal visit range days, where customers who were waiting on Form 4 approvals were able to shoot their Maxim 9s for the first time. Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/3UzIoaD89HQ

Whether you need a new suppressor, a Maxim 9, gunsmithing services, or a new cerakote on an accessory, Capitol Armory has you covered. They’re built on honesty, integrity, patience, and education. And it only takes one experience to see their remarkable business model.

As a premier NFA dealer, they understand the industry and they’ve erased complexity from the NFA process. What else could you ask for?

For more information, visit http://www.capitolarmory.com/

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