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Dealer Blog 003: Only The Best

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Dealer Blog 003: Only The Best

Dealer Blog 003: Only The Best

We all love firearms. From rare gun collectors to weekend hobby shooters, firearms play a major role in our lives.

If you spend enough time in the gun industry, you may be lucky enough to meet someone who really, really loves guns; someone who arguably loves them more than anyone else you have met. This concept can become somewhat subjective, especially when you consider the many facets within the industry  sub-machine guns, shotguns, bolt-action rifles, full-autos, 1911’s, etc.

I’m talking about the person who can walk into a shop and wade through a room full of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, making a bee-line for the antique WWI 1911 pistol displayed behind the counter on the back wall. The individual motivated by historical respect and a deep understanding. The guy who knows that a WWI 1911 is more than just a pistol.

Olin Corporation ball ammo and 1911's.

While conducting this month’s dealer spotlight interview, we had the chance to meet one of these genuine gun-loving patriots; the person who can spot the historical 1911 in a room filled with hundreds of other guns.

Meet Vito Servideo, the owner of Only the Best Firearms and Accessories, southern Florida’s premier gun dealer. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, this dealer offers a dash of sunshine with your NFA items.

Vito’s life-long passion for guns evolved into something bigger than himself, eventually becoming a family business in 2001 But there was a catch. Motivated by his respect and understanding of guns and with a desire to create a company for the people, Only the Best would specialize in NFA items and investment-grade weapons.

For exemplary purposes, here is a list of firearms that may be considered as an investment grade weapon.

  • Custom, Rare, and Unique 1911’s
  • Auto Ordnance Thompson M1A1 45 Acp
  • Bren MKI
  • Colt M-16A1 in 5.56mm
  • UZI SMG In 9mm With RMR
  • West Hurley 1928 Thompson In 45 Acp
  • MG-34 In 8mm
  • Woodland Hills Chinese AK-47/S In 7.62 x 39
  • Colt M-16A2 5.56mm
  • Smith And Wesson Model 76 In 9mm

You get the idea.

Today, the shop has over 150 unique 1911’s, dating back to WWI and WWII. Anyone who has set foot inside Only the Best will tell you about the unique store environment accompanied by the unique inventory.

This is one of the centerpieces of my 1911 collection  It’s a 1911 that was manufactured in 1913 and shipped to the Brooklyn Naval Yard to be used somewhere in the Navy. Vito said, referencing one of his many 1911’s. Because of the exposure to salt water environments, these Navy guns are very hard to come by in such good condition.

Only The Best Firearms 1911 display.
A Colt 1911.

Other notable 1911’s in their collection include a Colt 1911 Pre War ADJ Site National Match, Springfield Armory 1911s from 1915, and a Springfield Armory TRP Customs Full Rail.

Investment-grade weapons and museum-quality 1911’s draw customers in, but superior knowledge and customer service keep them coming back. Only the Best has created a business model where each and every decision made is predicated on past, current, and future customers. By adopting this proactive business model, they are able to connect with customers and disperse information quickly and efficiently.

Locally we are known as the experts for everything NFA, and we are where people go to get the latest info on any ATF rule changes. Vito said. In fact, employees of Only the Best spend so much time with their customers, they know them better than a third-grade teacher knows their students. When a new, specialized item comes into the shop, we can rattle off a list customers we know will be interested in it.

Aside from the commerce side of the business, Only the Best takes the time to connect with their customers on the shooting range. We love range time as much as our customer base does. Said Vito. It gives us all the chance to connect, hang out, and shoot some cool guns. Only the Best also holds two concealed-carry classes each week, and offers free beginner classes for all CCW attendees.

Since 2001, Only the Best has ridden the ebb and flow of the industry and managed to stay on top. Some may say their success is based on their love of the second amendment. Others, their ability to always have unique NFA items in stock. According to Vito, it’s a little simpler than that.

Only The Best, a FL dealer.

From day one, we have been a company for the people. Vito said. That can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me, it means never screw anybody out of anything.

For more information on Only the Best Firearms and Accessories, visit their website: http://otbfirearms.com/

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