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Best SilencerCo .45 Caliber Suppressors for 2024

Best SilencerCo .45 Caliber Suppressors for 2024

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William Lawson

William Lawson

SilencerCo is a cutting-edge company because they deliver quality options for their customers. Versatility is a watchword, whether you’re looking to suppress your 9mm pistol, .30 caliber hunting rifle, or .22 target gun. That versatility includes bigger bored firearms chambered in America’s caliber, the .45.

SilencerCo-suppressed lever action rifle.
.45 is America's caliber, including this .45-70 Gov't-chambered rifle.

In the firearms world, nothing is more American than the .45 caliber round. The .45 Colt started that tradition in 1873, with many other .45 caliber rounds to follow. The .45 Colt is still popular today, but the two primary .45 cartridges are the venerable .45-70 Gov’t and John Browning’s .45 ACP.

The .45-70 has been a mainstay of the American West, and it looks like that’s not changing anytime soon. The cartridge is enjoying a kind of renaissance as companies produce modern, spitzer-type bullets to improve performance from the round’s traditional lever action platforms. 

The .45 ACP, however, has remained a force in American handgunning circles, even after the military turned to the 9mm Parabellum in 1985. .45 ACP users like to say that things shot with their favorite cartridge “stay shot,” and who’s to argue? 9mm is the world’s most popular handgun cartridge, but the .45 ACP’s history is long and storied.

osprey silencer co west virginia bear
John Browning's .45 ACP cartridge has a long and storied history, but the SilencerCo Osprey 45 2.0 suppressor will tame the beast.

SilencerCo understands all that and provides quality silencers for the discerning .45 enthusiast. But far from a one-size-fits-all approach, SilencerCo offers options based on their customers’ needs. To aid that mission, let’s look at those options and briefly discuss how they might be best applied in terms of caliber specifics, versatility, modularity, and big bore applications.

Best SilencerCo .45 ACP Suppressor

The .45 ACP is a powerful handgun cartridge known for its stopping power, designed by John Browning in 1904. It’s famous for its use in the M1911 pistol and favored for personal defense and shooting competitions due to its heavy bullet, reliability, and manageable recoil. As such, it requires well made suppressors to handle it:

4. The Hybrid 46

The Hybrid 46 is a fantastic, top shelf suppressor. It will handle the .45 ACP round just fine. But since .45 ACP tends to be fired from handguns, with some submachine guns (SMG) and pistol caliber carbines (PCC) thrown in for good measure, the Hybrid 46’s length may be an issue, compared to the other choices.

3. The Hybrid 46M

The Hybrid 46M’s modularity is a big strength here. The short version is perfect for a .45 ACP pistol or PCC. But if that’s its only role, the less expensive, dedicated pistol suppressors are better choices.

2. The Osprey 45 2.0

The Osprey 45 2.0 is a great suppressor, and the quietest of the bunch, especially since it can be run “wet” for extra sound suppression. Its low profile is also a plus, meaning the shooter often doesn’t have to purchase suppressor height sights.

1. The Omega 45K

The Omega 45K, however, edges out the Osprey because of its shorter length and full-auto rating for SMGs and PCCs. The robust tubeless design offers superior durability in a more compact package.

SilencerCo Omega 45K on a pistol
The Omega 45K is a rugged, durable handgun suppressor.

Best SilencerCo .45-70 Suppressor

The .45-70 Government, dating back to 1873, is renowned for its stopping power in big game hunting. It delivers heavy bullets with high effectiveness, making it a reliable choice for hunters and favored for its performance in both vintage and modern rifles. Only the Hybrid models are rated for .45-70 which oddly makes this a harder choice:

2. The Hybrid 46M

This is a very tough call. The .45-70 Gov’t round is a straight-up hoss, and both Hybrid 46 models handle it very well. But since top performance requires the full-length suppressor, the Hybrid 46M’s modularity probably isn’t required for a dedicated .45-70 suppressor.

1. The Hybrid 46

The Hybrid 46 is a durable, high-performance suppressor built to handle loads like the new .45-70s. It does everything the Hybrid 46M’s full-length profile does, but it costs less.

Hybrid 46 on a 45-70 Gov't rifle
It's a tough call, but the Hybrid 46 takes the prize as a .45-70 Gov't suppressor.

Most Versatile SilencerCo .45 Suppressor

A versatile suppressor offers broad compatibility with different firearms and calibers, effectively reducing noise while maintaining performance and accuracy. Its durability, lightweight design, and ease of maintenance make it ideal for both tactical and recreational use. Here are the best versatile suppressors that handle .45 calibers:

3. Tie: The Omega 45K and Osprey 45 2.0

This one was difficult. The Omega 45K and Osprey 45 2.0 are both great suppressors, but which one is more versatile? The Omega is full-auto rated, while the Osprey is not, providing an option for Class 3 shooters. The Osprey’s low profile, on the other hand, means it works on many guns without suppressor height sights. That may not sound like a big deal to some, but older pistols have milled front sights, making them very difficult to change.

In the end, I couldn’t decide, so I’m awarding a tie. Each one offers some versatility based on the shooter’s needs, so I see this one as relative.

2. The Hybrid 46

The Hybrid 46 was also considered for third place since it’s longer and heavier than the Osprey and Omega. But the sheer caliber compatibility pushed it to number two. I generally see the Hybrid 46 as a rifle suppressor, but it can be used on a pistol and on pistol caliber carbines.

1. The Hybrid 46M

The Hybrid 46M is currently the only modular .45-caliber suppressor offered by SilencerCo. That modularity clearly makes it the most versatile on this list. Lone representative or not, the Hybrid 46M brings a lot to the table. Its length ranges between 5.78 and 9.0 inches, and its weight from 12.2 to 19.9 ounces.

The Hybrid 46M is compatible with the same calibers as the Hybrid 46 in both long and short configurations. From 5.56 NATO to .458 SOCOM, including the .338 Lapua Magnum, the Hybrid 46M does it all. Just choose your preferred size and performance level.

Hybrid 46M on a 1911 - most versatile .45 caliber suppressor
The modular Hybrid 46M does it all. (Sara Liberte Photography)

Best SilencerCo Big Bore Rifle Suppressor

Big bore rifles are firearms designed for large caliber ammunition, typically .375 caliber and above, favored for hunting large and dangerous game due to their powerful impact and deep penetration capabilities. These rifles, available in configurations like bolt-action, lever-action, and double rifles, are renowned for their stopping power against large animals. Pistol suppressors really can’t handle big bore rounds, so it’s between the Hybrid’s again:

2. The Hybrid 46

The Hybrid 46 will handle anything up to .458 SOCOM and come back for more. This top-notch suppressor is just the thing for big bore rifles, and magnum cartridges up to .338 Lapua Magnum.

1. The Hybrid 46M

The Hybrid 46M’s modularity wins this round. It does everything the Hybrid 46 does but provides the shooter with more options in terms of length and weight. You can’t go wrong with either suppressor, but options are always good.

Hybrid 46M big bore modular suppressor - 45 caliber suppressors
The Hybrid 46M takes care of business in either configuration.

A .45 Suppressor for Every Occasion

As we mentioned earlier, SilencerCo provides options. These four suppressors all work great on both pistols and rifles. But nuance rules the day, and you can match your unique situation to the suppressor that fits best. And keep in mind the subjective nature of this list. My perceived needs may be, and probably are, different from yours. Only you can weigh the factors relative to your situation.

The correct answer when someone asks what gun they should buy is almost always “It depends.” The same could be said about suppressors, assuming the technical details like caliber compatibility are in line.

SilencerCo Osprey 45 - best .45 ACP suppressors
The Osprey 45 is just one of SilencerCo's versatile options.

SilencerCo also offers accessories to enhance your choice. Muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and pistons provide easy mounting platforms while, in many cases, improving your non-suppressed shooting experience. Again, whether you want or need those things is up to you. But they are out there, and SilencerCo does a great job of helping you match suppressors and accessories.

If you want or need a quality .45 caliber suppressor, SilencerCo has you covered. And chances are they have your variables covered as well. So, figure out what works for you and go get one. You know you want to.

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