Suppress The Fear

Guns don't have to be loud!

The National Firearms Act of 1934 has kept silencers behind a shroud of mystery for nearly 100 years based on nothing but political agendas.

Our Suppress The Fear campaign aims to spread the truth about silencers all across the country to gun owners like yourself by letting you experience the bliss of shooting suppressed in person. Silencers significantly mitigate the two biggest fears of shooting guns: the noise, and the recoil.

Once you experience shooting suppressed, any fears you have will melt away and you’ll never want to go back!
As part of our Suppress The Fear campaign, we are giving back to an organization that fights for our 2nd amendment rights! The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is the nation’s first and largest public interest legal team focused on the right to keep and bear arms. They protect our rights through efforts like litigation, research, and legislative and regulatory action, among other things. They are making a real impact in our industry and we want to show our support for them as they “Suppress The Fear” surrounding firearms throughout the nation.

To donate to the FPC, go to our shop page and round up your next SilencerCo purchase. All proceeds will go toward the FPC’s initiatives.
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Suppress the fear with the SilencerCo Switchback.
SilencerCO R&D shooting the Omega 300.
Las Vegas Suppress the Fear event.

Upcoming Events

October 26 - 27
Leesburg, FL
9 AM - 5 PM
SUPPRESSED FEST 2024 / Live Fire
Join SilencerCo at this year's Suppressed Fest to test out our suppressors on the range! This two-day event will include range time and a raffle so you can experience suppressors to your heart's content. The cost to attend is $59 + Tax & Fees (Includes unlimited demos, ammo included, and one raffle ticket). More details at $59 + Tax & Fees (Includes unlimited demos, ammo included, and one raffle ticket)
Ares Training Facility
35615 N Treasure Island Ave,
Leesburg, FL 34788
November 8 - 9
Fleming, GA
9 AM - 4 PM
Recoil’s GEORGIA Cancon / Live Fire Event
Celebrate Veteran's Day weekend with us at Recoil's CanCon event in Georgia!! This live fire event will give you the chance to try out our top suppressors on a variety of platforms. It will be a fully suppressed event so you can really experience the joys of shooting suppressed. To purchase tickets & for more info visit: .
5899 N Coastal Hwy,
Fleming, GA 31309