Osprey 9 2.0


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The Osprey 9 is uniquely designed in a polygonal shape to allow for greater internal volume and better overall sound suppression. Due to the shape, the Osprey also sits below the shooter’s line of sight, thereby not impeding standard pistol sights. The updated version added a push-button locking system for quick and repeatable indexing. All of these features combined make it one of the sleekest and most iconic pistol suppressors on the market.

Rated for 9mm, and for .300 BLK subsonic calibers. Compatible with pistons and fixed barrel spacers for attachment to a host firearm.

It ships with a Disassembly Tool, Indexing Ring / Spring Retainer, and (1) Piston Spring.

This suppressor can also be shot “wet” by using 5cc of water or wire pulling gel to temporarily improve sound suppression.

*Lead projectiles are not recommended for use with any of our sealed suppressors.

Coupons and discount codes do not apply to suppressors.

Multi Caliber
Sealed Construction
9: 8.8
45: 9.2
9: 7.06”
45: 8.06"

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Tech Specs for Osprey 9 2.0

Caliber Compatibility9MM & 300 BLK Subsonic
AccessoriesPistons & Fixed Barrel Spacer
​Weight8.8 oz
​Diameter1.30 X 1.75″
​MaterialsAluminum & 17 – 4 SS
​Muzzle Average9MM: 129.5 dB, 300 BLK Subsonic: 128.8 dB
​Ships WithShips with Disassembly Tool, Indexing Ring/Spring Retainer, and (1) Spring
Caliber Compatibility9MM to 45 ACP & 300 BLK Subsonic
AccessoriesPistons & Fixed Barrel Spacer
​Weight9.2 oz
​Diameter1.30 X 1.75″
​MaterialsAluminum & 17 – 4 SS
​Muzzle Average9MM: 128.9 dB
300 BLK Subsonic: 131.3 dB
45 ACP: 130.4 dB
​Ships WithShips with Disassembly Tool, Indexing Ring/Spring Retainer, and (1) Spring


Accessories for the Osprey 9 2.0


Our pistons were designed to be easily changed for different host firearms or calibers. Pistons are built with 17-4 stainless steel, then heat-treated for maximum durability. The piston is part of the Nielson device that moves and allows semi-automatic cycling for unlocking pistol barrels. Throw a Fixed Barrel Spacer on for fixed barrel applications. SilencerCo pistons have female threading that attaches to our SilencerCo threaded barrels. Not sure which threads you need? Check our Piston Fit Guide Compatible with
  • Omega K Series
  • Hybrid 46
  • Hybrid 46M with Charlie Piston Mount
  • Osprey Series
  • Octane Series
  • Omega 36M with Charlie Piston Mount
  • .578 X 28 (AC24)
  • 1/2 X 28 (AC25)
  • M13.5 X 1LH XL (AC626)
  • M13.5X 1LH (AC26)
  • M14.5 X 1LH (AC27)
  • M16 X 1LH (AC28)
  • M16 X 1RH (AC29)
  • 5/8 X 24 (AC30)
  • 9/16 X 24 (AC31)
  • 1/2 X 36 (AC57)
  • 1/2 X 28 XL (AC59)
  • .578 X 28 XL (AC1346)
  • 1/2 X 28 SN (AC1756)
  XL pistons are for firearms where the silencer requires additional length between the threaded barrel and the silencer. The 1/2x28 SN Piston will index on the muzzle of the barrel instead of the shoulder. This is used on small profile pistol barrels with an inadequate shoulder diameter


Replacement piston spring for suppressors being used on handguns with unlocking barrels. Compatible with the following suppressors when used in conjunction with a piston: Osprey series, Octane series, Omega K series, Omega 36M, Hybrid, and Hybrid 46M. SKU #: AC5003


This part is used in conjunction with pistons on firearms with fixed barrels, such as rifles and submachine guns. This piece is used in place of the piston booster spring and is needed to use pistons on the Osprey 2.0. AC22

Osprey Series

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