U.S Patents

SU17, SU12, SU 1274Osprey8162100​, 8439155, 8950546
AC2632, AC824, AC622ASR Mount8555765
SU2257, SU2255, SU2256Saker8714301, 9328984
AC1283, AC1561, AC1562, AC141, AC1570, AC590Flash Hider8794376
SU823SalvoD742987, D742988, D742989, 9097482
SU1286, SU2281, SU2649, SU1352OmegaD767706, D802699, D802700,
N/AGeneralD770005, D821536
SU1504Osprey Micro10018440
SU2258, SU5001, SU5002Maxim 99879934, D778389, D829292, D877276, D877277, D876567, D876568, D877278, 10,677,554 B1 

Foreign Patents

SU823 Salvo 002557769-0001, 002557769-0002, 002557769-0003
SU1504 Osprey Micro 10018440
SU2258, SU5001, SU5002 Maxim 9 10677554, 003873918-0001, 003873918-0002, 003873918-0003, 003873918-0004, 003873918-0005, 003873918-0006
N/A General 1700835.0M, 1700836.2M003

Published Applications

2020-0182578 Multi-Configuration Suppressor



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