What is the Dealer Commission Program? is now selling silencers, and we would like to partner with you. When you sign up, you can be selected as a customer’s preferred dealer for their order, and we want to share the sale by compensating you to process the customer’s paperwork. All you need to do is sign up for our Dealer Portal; once approved, you can sign up for this new program in the portal. Reach out to your Sales Rep for details. We built the Dealer Portal for dealers like you.

By signing up, here’s what you get immediately:

  • Get paid up to $200 for EACH suppressor processed through your shop.
  • You’ll get a Certified badge on your shop on our site that our customers trust, and your shop will be at the TOP of the list before regular dealers, sending more sales your way.
  • You’ll also gain direct access to our media library and accessory support documents with information on SilencerCo products and accessories.

The commission schedule, detailing how much each suppressor pays out, and other program-specific details and terms can be found in the Dealer Portal. Sign up now and start earning more through

How do I get paid?

To receive payment for the transfers, all you need to do is sign up for the Dealer Commission Program in our Dealer Portal. We will pay you up to $200 for EACH suppressor you process. We pay the commissions once a month for the prior month’s transfers. All orders sent to your shop are tracked automatically and paid out directly via ACH to your account. 

How to Process the Orders

When you are chosen, you’ll receive the order in the mail with a packing slip with the Customer’s Details. Orders are automatically tracked by SilencerCo for commission payments, so all you need to do is process the order. 

Contact the customer to schedule a Form 4 appointment. All you need to do is process their Form 4 and let them know when it’s ready for pickup. Prior to the Form 4 meeting, let the customer know what they need to bring, and if your shop offers any services such as fingerprints or photos.

On the packing list included in the package, you only need to focus on two items under End User Information: Customer Info and Order Info. Customer Info will have the contact details for your customer, allowing you to schedule a Form 4 appointment, and the Order Info should match the box’s contents. Example below for your reference. 

If you have any questions, contact us. You can also reach out our to your sales representative with questions. We are here to help.

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