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Strangely Suppressed: Oddball Guns and their SilencerCo Cans

Strangely Suppressed: Oddball Guns and their SilencerCo Cans

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Strangely Suppressed: Oddball Guns and their SilencerCo Cans

Travis Pike

Travis Pike

You can suppress nearly everything that fires a bullet. Some guns work better suppressed than others, and sometimes the oddballs work best suppressed. Today we are going to look at five weirdos that work exceptionally well when suppressed. They are far from normal and not for everyone, but man, do they shut up when you put a suppressor on them. Here are my favorite strangely suppressed firearms, and a suppressor to pair with them. 

Trailblazer LifeCard

LifeCard .22LR pistol, unfolded
Yes, this strange, foldable little .22LR derringer can be suppressed. (Photo by Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Trailblazer LifeCard is a micro, single shot, folding .22LR derringer. This little fell folds into something that’s about the same length and width as a credit card. It’s a good deal thicker but still easy to fold up and toss in your pocket. The little gun shoots the ultra common .22LR, and as a single shot, it can handle subsonic ammunition to help cut down even more noise when suppressed. 

The newest version of the LifeCard comes with an optional threaded barrel. That extra threading makes the gun a bit bigger, but it’s still easy to carry in your pocket. That barrel threading allows you to attach a suppressor with ease. The gun’s single-shot design means the noise of the action clacking back and forth isn’t present. 

Pair the LifeCard with a SilencerCo Switchback 22, and you can adjust the suppressor to fit your needs. Its smallest configuration allows you to keep the whole package nice and tiny. 

Rossi R92 Triple Black

Rossi M92 triple black lever action rifle
Pair the R92 Triple Black lever action with a Hybrid 46M.

The Rossi R92 Triple Black is a modern take on the lever action rifle, complete with an optic rail and threaded barrel. As you know, a threaded barrel is an invitation to the world of suppressors. Your wild west lever gun doesn’t seem like it’s the typical suppressor host, but even Teddy Roosevelt liked his lever guns suppressed. 

Admittedly a suppressed lever gun is a little out of this world, and that’s why this one is included in our list of strangely suppressed firearms. The Rossi 92 Triple Black in .44 Magnum creates a heavy-hitting option with easy-to-silence subsonic rounds. The lever action gives you a fast-firing repeater on top of the lack of an action constantly closing. Not to mention the gas blowback escaping out of the top of the receiver instead of in your face. 

The R92 Triple Black paired with a Hybrid 46M gives you a big and capable suppressed rifle for varmints on either two or four legs. 


OWHYEE SBX TakeDown rifle
Drop a Warlock 22 into the OWHYEE SBX TakeDown rifle and you're off to the races.

The OWHYEE SBX TakeDown rifle from Tactical Solutions is like small-batch whiskey. Not everyone gets it. This platform was built from the ground up to be suppressed and to give you a compact and capable rifle for all your shooting needs. Well, most of them. It’s a .22LR, so from a practical perspective, it’s not useful beyond small game. 

However, it’s super easy to suppress. The OWHYEE is a bolt-action rifle that can eat through subsonic rounds without a problem. The bolt action eliminates the sound of the action clacking back and forth. On top of that, the barrel is over 16 inches technically and legally, but Tactical Solutions uses a 12-inch rifle barrel with a permanently attached shroud that brings the total length to just over 16 inches. 

Shooters drop their suppressor into this shroud, which is 1.1 inches in diameter, and now have a suppressed takedown rifle that is still not much larger than a standard rifle. Plus, it’s a takedown design fit with a Magpul Hunter stock. Drop a Warlock 22 into the SBX, and you’re off to the races. 

Altor Single Shot Handgun

Altor 9mm single shot handgun
Swap out the original barrel for a threaded one and add the Omega 9K for an unusual suppressed single shot handgun.

Another single-shot handgun makes the list. The Altor Single Shot handgun is a very simple design that is impressive in its simplicity. It’s the cheapest gun you can buy, and it comes in 9mm and .380 ACP. The gun features a polymer frame, and you can swap calibers just by swapping barrels. 

The swappable barrel setup allows you to instantly toss on the affordable threaded barrel option for adding a suppressor to your Altor. It’s crazy simple, and as a single shot gun, there are no issues with the action making additional noise.

The suppressor is admittedly a Godsend because this lightweight beast kicks your hand hard with every shot. A suppressor cuts that recoil out and makes it soft shooting. It’s crazy quiet and fun to shoot. The can stays in place while you remove the barrel, so once it’s in place, it stays there. An Omega 9K is the perfect companion for the Altor Single Shot Handgun. 

Hush Puppy Project S&W M&P 2.0

Hush Puppy Project M&P suppressed
Pair the Hush Puppy with an Octane 9 to keep the noise low and the music loud.

There have been zero semi-autos on the list so far, so let’s add one—a rather special one. The Hush Puppy Project takes a S&W M&P 2.0 and converts it to be suppressor ready. That’s easy enough by adding a threaded barrel and suppressor height sights. So what makes it any more special than a standard threaded barrel M&P? 

Hush Puppy was a term taken from a S&W pistol from the Vietnam war. This was a special project that was designed to remove sentries and guard dogs with absolute silence. On top of making the gun suppressor ready, the original and current Hush Puppy pistols have a slide lock device. 

The slide lock device makes the weapon a single-shot handgun, which prevents the action from opening and cycling. This reduces noise down to an extremely low level and keeps things quite quiet for a semi-auto pistol. Pair the Hush Puppy with an Octane 9 to keep the noise low and the music loud. 

Strangely Suppressed

Suppressed guns are always a bit more fun. Anyone can suppress an AR or Glock, and that’s great. However, sometimes it’s worth getting a little weird. Especially when we want to maximize our suppression capabilities, just because they are oddballs doesn’t mean they don’t suppress well. In fact, they tend to suppress better than most. 

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