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Famous Suppressor Users

Famous Suppressor Users

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Travis Pike

Travis Pike

Suppressors have evolved from a niche accessory into a mainstream tool, partly thanks to their use by celebrities. By using the term ‘celebrities,’ I’m not just referring to well-known Guntubers or firearms instructors. I’m referring to your everyday celebrities who have uncovered the benefits and advantages of suppressors. These individuals introduce firearms and suppressors to the average persons in a fairly unique way. Let’s take a minute to look at some of the more famous suppressor users.

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt's suppressed Winchester 1894.
Teddy Roosevelt's suppressed Winchester 1894. (guns.com)

The man, the myth, the legend, Theodore Roosevelt embodied the essence of manliness during his life. As a soldier, President, statesman, hunter, conservationist, concealed carrier, and even a suppressor user, he left an indelible mark. While I intended this list to feature more modern celebrities, Teddy’s legacy couldn’t be overlooked. Suppressors were cutting-edge during his era.

Roosevelt had a massive gun collection, with at least three of his rifles threaded for suppressors, specifically the pioneering Maxim suppressor. Teddy embraced hunting suppressed, as evidenced by a safari packing list that included a suppressed Springfield Model 1903 and a Winchester Model 1895.

Roosevelt’s cherished firearm, the Winchester Model 1895 (nicknamed “Big Medicine”), was his favorite. To accommodate it, Maxim crafted a custom suppressor since the powerful .405 wasn’t in their catalog. I imagine this beastly cannon was tamed quite well by the addition of a suppressor at the muzzle.

Post Malone

Post Malone with a SilencerCo Omega 9K. (Photo: Silencer Shop)
Post Malone with a SilencerCo Omega 9K. (Photo: Silencer Shop)

Rapper and Rockstar Post Malone has never been shy about being a ’gun’ guy. A Rolling Stone article once highlighted his extensive gun collection, and he even relocated from California to Utah to enjoy greater firearm freedom. Post Malone frequently shares photos of his firearms and has engaged with gun enthusiasts like Garand Thumb. His open carry of items like the Flux Defense Raider further attests to his knowledge of firearms. 

Photos depict him with an MP5 pistol equipped with an Omega 9K can and a binary trigger, confidently lighting it up. He’s also been seen with multiple rifles equipped with suppressors, including what many would describe as a cursed M1 Garand that’s been stripped of its wood stock and fitted into a chassis system. 

Post Malone seems to have embraced the world of suppressed firearms. He reportedly has a massive collection of firearms, and I’d love to know how many are suppressed. His openness about suppressors can potentially foster mainstream acceptance.

Joe Rogan

famous suppressor users: Joe Rogan shooting a SilencerCo Maxim 9. (Photo: Colion Noir)
Joe Rogan shooting a SilencerCo Maxim 9. (Photo: Colion Noir)

Joe Rogan boasts an extensive career, from comedy and TV hosting to UFC commentary and pioneering the world’s most popular podcast. His evolving perspective on firearms is notable. While he never seemed to be anti-gun, he has seemingly become a bigger fan of firearms. He’s been a hunter for decades and has conducted training with experts like Taran Tactical.  He’s also hosted famed firearm personalities like Colion Noir on his podcast. Suppressor fans may recall him engaging in discussions about the senselessness of suppressor bans with Glen Villeneuve on his podcast, along with conversations about rifles with Donald Cerrone.

Upon Joe Rogan’s move to Texas in 2020, MMA fighter, firearm instructor, and Green Beret, Tim Kennedy, warmly welcomed him. He gifted Rogan and his producer, Young Jamie, with handguns. 

During a range outing with Colion Noir, Joe Rogan was spotted firing a Maxim 9 integrally suppressed handgun. Since moving to Texas, his suppressor ownership options have greatly expanded, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he checks the ATF E-Forms website daily.

Phil Labonte

famous suppressor users: Phil Labonte woith a suppressed AR. (Photo: Phil Labonte)
Phil Labonte woith a suppressed AR. (Photo: Phil Labonte)

Phil Labonte, lead singer of the metal band All That Remains, has been an outspoken advocate of firearm rights. Phil has taken to social media, YouTube, and beyond to work as a positive influence on firearm rights and responsibilities. I’ve tried to avoid referencing firearm influencers and military members in this article, but Phil did have a short career in the Marine Corps before receiving a medical discharge. 

However, his deep-seated love for firearms and later suppressors doesn’t solely stem from his military background. Phil Labonte is not just a firearm enthusiast but a skilled user, evident in his Brownells video where he meticulously details his personal rifle build. Additionally, he passionately defends the 2nd Amendment in an op-ed for Alternative Press, a music website.

Of course, it only makes sense he prefers suppressors on his firearms. He advocates for them as safety devices and believes they should be removed from the NFA. He realistically conveys their effectiveness and the advantages they offer to the average firearm user.

Cowboy Cerrone

famous suppressor users: Cowboy Cerrone shooting suppressed. (Photo: Free Range America)
Cowboy Cerrone shooting suppressed. (Photo: Free Range America)

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, a renowned MMA fighter, is synonymous with action in the octagon. He racked up more fight-night bonuses than any other fighter in UFC history and was one of the most active fighters in the UFC. He’s a beast. And, with a name like Cowboy, it’s not a big surprise that Mr. Cerrone is an avid firearm enthusiast, and is appropriately partnered with brands like Henry. As mentioned earlier, he’s been on the Joe Rogan Experience discussing a suppressed .300 Blackout AR.

Cowboy Cerrone runs his own MMA facility, known as BMF Ranch, which extends beyond a gym with a private 700-yard range and a dedicated reloading building. 

He reloads his own subsonic ammo to maximize the performance of his suppressed guns. Cowboy doesn’t seem to be a causal user. Anyone who reloads their own ammo is on a different level of suppressor use.

Shoot Suppressed Like A Rockstar

The rising popularity of suppressors comes as no shock. Guns, while thrillingly loud at times, can benefit from the hush of a suppressor, enhancing both comfort and safety. The individuals on our list of famous suppressor users stand as strong advocates for responsible gun ownership and suppressor use. As the general public gains a better understanding of the truth about suppressors, the idea that they serve as safety devices is bound to take hold, ultimately making the world of firearms a safer place for all.

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