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Best SilencerCo Pistol Caliber Carbine & Submachine Gun Suppressors for 2024

Best SilencerCo Pistol Caliber Carbine & Submachine Gun Suppressors for 2024

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Travis Pike

Travis Pike

Pistol calibers aren’t isolated to pistols. They never have been, and in the commercial market, the rise of pistol caliber carbines, aka PCCs, can’t be ignored.

On the professional market, the submachine gun still maintains its niche as a small, easily maneuverable, and handy weapon for law enforcement and military use.

Like any gun, the PCC and SMG can and should be suppressed. In fact, if you’re not suppressing your pistol caliber long gun, you’re really missing out on one of the best reasons to own one. 

Modular suppressor for small to big bores: 46M
Pistol Caliber Carbines are super-easy to suppress. Be sure to consider all the factors before deciding which suppressor best suits your needs.

These guns are super easy to suppress. Subsonic pistol calibers are common, as are threaded barrels, and the guns are already short and light in most cases. With that said, what are the best suppressors for PCCs and SMGs? Great question and it’s one we intend to answer today. 

It’s important to consider several factors. Most importantly, look at suppressor performance and how quiet you can get your gun. Durability is also a factor because when you consider submachine guns, you have to account for full auto fire. You should also think about size and weight since these weapons excel at being short and maneuverable.

Other considerations include the features they offer, ease of use, and how easily they can be mounted to a wide variety of guns. You should also consider the calibers and options offered because not everyone rocks 9mm.

Pistol caliber carbines are even better when shooting them suppressed.

Let’s dig into the top 5 suppressors for pistol-caliber carbines and submachine guns. 

  • Omega K Series
  • Osprey 2.0
  • Hybrid 36M
  • Hybrid 46M

Omega K Series: The Best Submachine Gun Suppressor

The Omega 9K series might be the best submachine suppressor on the market if your goal is to keep things super short and light.

The Omega 9K is only 4.54 inches long, and it weighs 7.3 ounces. That’s perfect for submachine guns who aim to stay short and PCCs who don’t want to be any longer.

The Omega 45K certainly deserves mention for our big bore subguns, but it’s a bit bigger at 6.37 inches long and weighing 10.1 ounces. 

The SilencerCo Omega 9K suppressor.
The Omega K Series offer extreme durability and performance in a compact package.

In terms of suppression, the 9mm variant knocks volume down to 135.8 dBs, and the 45 ACP version takes the American classic down to 135.9 dB.

On a 16-inch barreled PCC, you’ll absolutely adore just how quiet these cans can make your gun. It takes something loud and somewhat vicious and makes it soft, quiet, and a ton of fun. 

These cans are fully auto-rated, so flip the switch to the third position and let it fly. The can can take it, as well as .300 Blackout subsonic loads. It’s also user-serviceable, so take the core out and keep it clean.

The Omega K series is compatible with Alpha mounts, as well as the classic ASR mounts, and my favorite, the 3-Lug option. Pair it with a SilencerCo 3-Lug muzzle device, and you’ll get not only an effective mounting system but also that cool twist-and-forget design of the 3-lug. 

Osprey 2.0: The Best PCC Suppressor

The Osprey series broke ground by bringing a flat-top suppressor that doesn’t require suppressor-height sights. Without extending beyond the height of most guns, it keeps things fairly low profile.

The Osprey 2.0 modernizes the design even more. While its big break was on handguns, the Osprey 2.0 works rather well on pistol-caliber carbines.

SilencerCo Osprey 2.0
The Osprey 2.0's unique polygonal shape allows for superior sound suppression.

The flat design benefits a number of weapons, including lever guns. The flat, low-profile sights would be blocked by most suppressors, but the Osprey 2.0 makes it easy to keep your profile low.

There are a number of other pistol caliber platforms that directly benefit from the style and sound suppression of the Osprey series. With the Osprey 9, your 9mm volume is reduced to 129.5 dB, and with the 45, it’s 130.4 dB.

The Osprey 2.0 uses a push-button locking system that allows you to very effectively index the suppressor perfectly on any pistol or PCC. All you need to swap a pistol-configured Osprey to a PCC is a fixed barrel spacer.

This high-tech, high-end can will take your PCC to the next level of quiet.

Omega 36M: Hot Rod Suppressor

Who says pistol rounds have to be slow, anemic little things? Not the American arms market.

People often forget that the .357 Magnum rifles are pistol caliber carbines and that .357 SIG SMGs exist. Those two rounds amp up the power, the velocity, and the requirements of your suppressor.

With that in mind, if you are outfitting a hot rod caliber like the aforementioned .357s, you need a hot rod suppressor, and the Omega 36M is the perfect choice.

SilencerCo Omega 36M
Omega 36M

Outside of just hot rod calibers, the Omega 36M can be a do-it-all option for a number of PCC and SMG calibers. It can conquer the hot rounds, as well as standard 9mm, and even rounds like 5.7x28mm.

It’s a rifle suppressor, so it can take all the pistol rounds you send through it, as long as they’re .36 caliber or smaller, of course. It can easily withstand a full auto SMG.

The modular nature of the can even allows you to cut the length from 6.85 to 4.9 inches and the weight from 12.5 ounces to 9.8 ounces.

As a rifle suppressor, it’s set up for the Charlie attachments but can be used with ASR and the always-cool 3-Lug mounts.

What’s really impressive is the performance and suppression capability. It brings your 9mm round down to 123.3 dB. That’s crazy quiet, and if you’re chasing performance, then it’s easy to see the Omega 36M as the go-to suppressor.

Hybrid 46M: Big Bore

One good turn deserves another, and big-bore, amped-up cartridges deserve their own suppressor. If we get into big-bore magnum pistol cartridges in lever guns, you might want to take a peek at the Hybrid 46M.

If you’re firing .45 Colt and .44 Magnum, then the big bore 46M is the can for you. The same goes for something like the mighty 10mm. If you need the best 10mm submachine gun suppressor, you need the Hybrid 46M.

Hybrid 46M modular bi-bore suppressor
The Hybrid 46M is perfect for large-bore shooting, with the option for modularity.

The Hybrid 46M series is a modular suppressor that allows for user-configurable configurations. You can dial it down to 5.78 inches from 7.72 inches. Shrinking the can reduces the weight from 12.2 ounces to 14.9 ounces. This smaller size makes it manageable on smaller guns.

The can is full auto rated and is designed for calibers way more powerful than anything a handgun can generate. 

If you own a diverse group of PCCs or are lucky enough to own a diverse group of submachine guns, the Hyrbid 46M is likely going to be the best option for multiple guns. It can handle the 9mms, 40 S&Ws, .357s, 10mms, and various .45 and .44 caliber guns.

The Hybrid 46M stifles noise quite well while offering modular configurations and the ability to use a multitude of different attachments. Users can choose between Charlie, ASR, and 3-Lug mourning options.

The Spectre 9: The New Hotness

The Spectre 9 is the latest in SilencerCo’s PCC and pistol suppressor lineup.

Submachine guns, pistol-caliber carbines, and handguns are all beloved for their small size and relatively lightweight design. The Spectre 9 was made with that in mind.

spectre 9 - supppressor for pistol caliber carbines
The Spectre 9 is the next evolution in SilencerCo's collection of titanium suppressors.

The suppressor is constructed entirely from titanium. This cuts the weight significantly and ensures it’s rugged enough to be full auto-rated for handgun rounds and even rated for semi-auto use of .300 Blackout supersonic rounds. 

The suppressor weighs a mere 3.9 ounces! That’s nothing! It’s about the same weight as a full Glock 17 magazine. The length is only 4.76 inches, and it is compatible with Alpha mounts, the 3 Lug Mounts, and, of course, pistons for pistols.

This is a 9mm can primarily, and with 9mm, it drives the volume of a shot down to 132.7 dB on average. For the size and weight ratio, this is a surprisingly quiet suppressor, and the fact the MSRP doesn’t break the grand standpoint is impressive. 

Keeping 'Em Quiet

Pistol caliber carbines and submachine guns might be the easiest guns to suppress. They are certainly the most drama-free designs.

If you’re running either unsuppressed, you are really missing out. The vast array of different firearms and caliber options, as well as easily accessible subsonic ammo, make these platforms an addicting suppressed option.

Don’t miss out on what a silencer can do for your PCC or subgun. SilencerCo has the best options on the market.

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