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The Best SilencerCo Handgun Suppressors for 2024

The Best SilencerCo Handgun Suppressors for 2024

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Travis Pike

Travis Pike

Handguns tend to be the most popular type of firearm on the market, and handguns and suppressors are the perfect pair. The beauty of handguns lies in their inherent compactness, and the addition of a suppressor does not them unwieldy. That brings us to the question, “What is the best SilencerCo suppressor for handguns?”  

Oh boy, I’d love to give you an easy answer, but the real world just doesn’t work like that. Identifying the best suppressor for your handgun means we need to know a few things.

  • What caliber is it?
  • Does it need a threaded barrel? If so, check out SilencerCo’s threaded barrels for various popular firearms.
  • Finally, what’s the purpose of your firearm and your suppressor? 

To help you find the right suppressor for your handgun, we’ll break down our top picks by use and need, as well as caliber. Additionally, we’ll keep in mind that these suppressors are designed for use on handguns, factoring in considerations like length, size, and compatibility with different handgun models.

best handgun suppressors - SilencerCo Omega 9k on a revolver
Finding the best suppressor for your handgun involves considering a few factors.

The Top 5 Handgun Suppressors for 2024

  • Spectre 9mm
  • Osprey 9 and Osprey 45
  • Omega 9K
  • Omega 45K
  • Switchback 22

Best 9mm and .380 Suppressor: Spectre 9mm

The brand new Spectre 9mm suppressor brings a high-tech, modern solution to your 9mm handgun. This can is made entirely from titanium. Titanium is incredibly rugged, super durable, and, best of all, super lightweight.

best handgun suppressors - Staccato 9mm with SilencerCo Spectre-9
The Spectre 9 is a very rugged and robust can.

Handguns come in all sizes, but they tend to be fairly lightweight in comparison to other types of firearms. A suppressor can create a handgun that’s front-heavy, but the Spectre 9 avoids that.

At 3.76 ounces, it’s one of the lightest suppressors on the market. And, it’s compact at only 4.76 inches. This makes it a great choice for any 9mm handgun as well as smaller .380 ACP handguns, known for their balance issues.

Imagine the Spectre 9 on something like James Bond’s favorite Walther PPK — it would be a natural extension.  Heck, on the blowback, fixed barrel Walther, a Nielsen device isn’t even required.

For most other firearms, SilencerCo offers high-quality boosters, AKA Nielsen Devices, to make sure your gun runs reliably.

The Spectre 9 is capable of reducing the volume of a 9mm round down to 132.7 dBs on average. That’s a lot of noise reduction from a small and lightweight suppressor.

Best Home Defense Handgun Suppressors: Osprey 2.0 9 and 45

When it comes to home defense with a handgun, the Osprey 2.0 Series, 9 and 45, stand out as ideal choices.

The key advantage of a handgun lies in its compact size and ease of suppression, making it a valuable asset in home defense scenarios. Indoor shooting can be deafeningly loud, and in such situations, a suppressor becomes a safety device.

best home defense handgun suppressor SilencerCo Osprey 9
The Osprey 9 2.0 can drop the sound of 9mm ammo to 127 decibels.

The distinctive polygonal shape of the Osprey 2.0 allows the use of traditional pistol sights without the need for suppressor height sights. The design shifts the overall profile of the gun downward, but not far enough to block the rail most handguns have for weapon-mounted lights — an essential feature for a home-defense handgun.

The innovative 2.0 system makes indexing the suppressor super easy. It’s literally the push of a button. Between the 9mm and the .45 ACP versions, the most common defensive calibers are covered.

The two suppressors are nearly identical outside of the bore size. The 9 cuts sound down to 129.5 dB, giving it excellent overall performance. The 45 variant cuts a .45 ACP down to 130.4 dB — again, impressive performance all around.

While the Osprey Series suppressors look large, they both weigh under 10 ounces and are less than 8 inches long. 

Best Value and Versatility: Omega K Series

Finding a suppressor that strikes the perfect balance between value and performance can be tough. Given the enduring nature of suppressor ownership due to NFA regulations, it’s crucial to find one that stands the test of time without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, I can very confidently recommend the Omega K Series. Priced at less than $800, these are high-performance cans that you won’t grow out of. 

Omega 9K

The Omega 9K is a single-piece, ultra-tough suppressor that combines excellent sound suppression with a compact size and lightweight design. It’s 4.54 inches long overall, and weights 7.3 ounces, so your handgun won’t become too big to handle.

SilencerCo Omega 9K
The Omega 9K has a rugged design that allows for full auto fire and even the use of .300 Blackout subsonic loads.

The Omega 9K is a single-piece, ultra-tough suppressor that combines excellent sound suppression with a compact size and lightweight design. It’s 4.54 inches long overall, and weights 7.3 ounces, so your handgun won’t become too big to handle.

Omega 45K

If you need a suppressor to handle various calibers that start with the number 4, the Omega 45K has you covered. This shorty can accommodate the big American classic .45 ACP, the powerful 10mm, the intermediate .40 S&W, and even the little 9mm. It’s a super tough silencer that can take the abuse big calibers throw at it. 

SilencerCo Omega 45K on a pistol

Unlocking a realm of possibilities, the Omega 45K is capable of full auto fire and can even work with supersonic and subsonic .300 Blackout rounds. That versatility extends to almost any pistol caliber and even some rifle calibers!

The design is a simple, tubeless construction that helps aid in its durability. It’s compatible with a variety of suppressor accessories, including booster devices for short-recoil handguns. 

It’s capable of full auto fire and can even work with supersonic and subsonic .300 Blackout rounds. It can be used with almost any pistol caliber and even some rifle calibers! 

From driving the noise down to 135.9 dB for .45 ACP to reducing the volume to 137.7 dB for 9mm, the Omega 45K is a high-performing, versatile can with an attractive price point. That’s a tough deal not to take up if you are a multical handgun shooter. 

Best Small Bore Handgun Suppressor: Switchback 22

As a modular suppressor, the Switchback 22 is the most adaptable option for small calibers. While .22LR is a prevalient small-bore caliber, the Switchback accommodates .22 Magnum, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, 22 Horent, and even 5.7x28mm. 

switchback 22 on pistol
The Switchback can drop the .22LR down to 108 dB.

And lots of calibers aren’t its only trick. Offering versatility with four different size configurations — long, medium, short, and rifle-optimized — it proves ideal for a range of small-caliber handguns.

The Switchback can fit handguns that range in size from the micro-sized Beretta 21A to the hunting-ready Ruger Mk series. Size does affect sound suppression, and longer configurations are quieter. Since .22LR handguns are blowback-operated, you don’t even need a booster device!

Shhh, Quiet Time

Handguns are the most popular weapons on the market and are plenty easy to suppress. By considering the recommendations above, you’ll land an excellent suppressor to keep your handgun a bit quieter.

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