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Best SilencerCo AR Suppressors of 2024

Best SilencerCo AR Suppressors of 2024

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Travis Pike

Travis Pike

Eugene Stoner’s famous AR platform is America’s favorite rifle, and it’s taken over the rifle market. ARs now come in nearly any size, caliber, and configuration you would ever want in a rifle.

The AR platform provides excellent accuracy, superior ergonomics, and supreme modularity. What they all have in common, however, is noise — loud, ear-ringing noise. So, of course, the best way to quiet them down is with a suppressor. With all of the options available for the AR platform, it’s necessary to consider several factors before deciding which is the best AR suppressor for you. 

What's the Best AR Suppressor?

That’s a tough question to answer because ARs come in so many configurations. There isn’t a single “best suppressor” for every AR ever made.

The most important factor to consider is the rifle’s purpose, and how well a suppressor matches it. We’ll rely on the old phrase, “Mission drives gear.” A short-barreled 5.56 duty rifle has different needs than a .350 Legend with a 20-inch barrel. 

Suppressor performance is the next factor to be considered — how much noise can be cut while balancing the use case of the can? ARs come in numerous calibers, and the suppressor must be designed for the caliber of choice. 

Finally, it’s also important to consider the weight and length of the suppressor, to keep things light and short when possible. 

So, let’s break it down with the best SilencerCo AR suppressors. 

  1. Best Tactical Suppressor – 556K
  2. Best 5.56 Suppressor – Velos LBP
  3. Best .300 Blackout Suppressor – Omega 300
  4. Best 350 Legend Suppressor – Omega 36M
  5. Best AR-10 Suppressor – Chimera 300
  6. Best big Bore AR Suppressor – Hybrid 46 and 46M

Best Tactical Suppressor: Saker 556K

Tactical is as tactical does, and what’s more tactical than a short barrel AR of any kind? It can be a standard carbine, a short-barreled rifle, or an AR pistol. They make excellent home defense weapons and work even better when suppressed.

The Saker 556K has zero barrel restrictions and is a dedicated 5.56 caliber suppressor. The average sound measured from the muzzle comes in at 136.1 dB, which provides about a 30 dB reduction on average. 

SilencerCo Saker 556 AR Suppressor
The SilencerCo Saker 556 doesn't not have any barrel restrictions and is a dedicated 5.56 caliber suppressor.

The Saker 556K keeps things nice and short and remarkably light. The Saker 556K is only 4.96 inches long and weighs only 11.8 ounces. At the same time, it’s a very effective suppressor that cuts the sting of the 5.56 quite well.

The Saker 556K utilizes the Charlie front caps, which help minimize flash as much as possible. Inside the suppressor, the Cobalt 6 baffles deflect debris and generally extend the suppressor’s lifespan. From the ground up, the Saker 556K was built to be used in harsh conditions by high-volume shooters, including military and police shooters. 

SilencerCo makes many muzzle devices to attach to your rifle quickly and easily. I suggest the ASR Flash Hider with a short barreled rifle as they tend to have more flash when shot unsuppressed than other rifles. 

Best 5.56 Suppressor: Velos LBP

The most common AR-15 caliber is 5.56, and the Velos LBP is perfect for 5.56 AR rifles. It has no barrel restrictions and will work with full-sized 20-inch rifles down to your 10.3-inch Mk18 wannabes. If you own multiple 5.56 ARs this is the perfect can for you. It fits them all and makes them all way more comfortable to shoot.

The primary feature of any suppressor is its ability to cut down the noise, and the Velos LBP cuts the noise to a muzzle average of 137.1 dB, which is a good 30 dB worth of sound reduction.

But the Velos LBP is designed for more than sound suppression. It takes any AR to the next level of comfort by reducing the blowback.

LBP stands for low back pressure. The low back-pressure design uses a 3D printed inconel and a fully welded design. Pair this with the SilencerCo Gas Defeating Charging Handle, and you will get as little blowback as possible when shooting your suppressed AR.

SilencerCo Velos LBP - best AR suppressors
The Velos LBP perfect for any 5.56 AR rifle, and if you own multiple 5.56 ARs this is the perfect can for you.

The Velos LBP is 5.98 inches long and weighs 15.2 ounces. While it’s not the smallest and lightest suppressor, it is arguably the most comfortable option. And, SilencerCo Charlie Mounts make various attachments quick and easy.

The Velos LBP is a well-thought-out, easy-to-use, and very effective suppressor for use on any 5.56 caliber rifle. This is especially handy for over-gassed, short barrel 5.56 ARs and for bench rest shooters who don’t need gas disrupting their sight picture at extreme ranges.  

Best .300 Blackout Suppressor - Omega 300

For AR-15 owners who love suppressed shooting, the .300 Blackout is a neat round. It’s available in both sub and supersonic varieties, and subsonic ammo makes it even quieter by eliminating the supersonic crack.

If you own a .300 Blackout and aren’t suppressing it, then I have to ask, why? The good news is I have the best .300 Blackout option for you. It’s the Omega 300. 

SilencerCo Omega, best .300 Blackout AR-15 suppressor
The SilencerCo Omega 300 is the perfect suppressor for .300 Blackout.

The Omega 300 is built to withstand rounds as powerful as the .300 Win mag, so it eats subsonic and supersonic .300 Blackout loads without complaint.

The .300 Blackout also works extremely well with short barrels, and the Omega 300 can digest .300 Blackout through barrels as short as seven inches. This suppressor works very well with a short-barreled rifle because it’s a little longer than average at 7.08 ounces, and it weighs 14.8 ounces. Here’s the best part: the Omega 300 cuts volume down to 119.5 dB.  

The Omega 300 is full auto-rated, which makes it tough as nails. It can be fit with a muzzle cap that acts as a recoil mitigation tool and even helps reduce sound. The Omega 300 uses the SilencerCo Bravo Mounts and standard ASR accessories.

If you’re rocking and rolling with the suppressor-ready .300 Blackout, then the Omega 300 is waiting for you.

Best .350 Legend Suppressor: Omega 36M

The .350 Legend has taken over the straight-walled hunting market, and it’s easy to see why: the AR-15 dominates the rifle market, and the .350 Legend was specifically designed to work with the AR-15. This straight-walled, hard-hitting, close-range cartridge is perfect for deer hunting and also nice and easy to suppress with widely available sub-sonic loads. 

A .357-sized bullet fired at rifle velocities needs a rifle suppressor, and the Omega 36M is perfect for the .350 Legend. This largish bore round will sail through safely, losing most of the noise that follows it. It cuts the loud mouth .350 Legend down to about 130 dB at the muzzle. 

omega 36M - best .350 legend suppressor

The Omega 36M is a modular suppressor that allows the user to tailor its length and weight from 4.9 to 6.85 inches and from 9.8 ounces to 12.5 ounces. If you’re in a tree stand, run it long and take advantage of maximum sound suppression. If you’re on the stalk, the shorter length will make the rifle a bit easier to wield through thicker territory. 

It mounts to ASR muzzle devices for quick attachment. For hunters who regularly hunt in localities that don’t allow suppressors, the ASR Flash Hider works to preserve vision in low-light environments — like dawn and dusk when deer tend to move. With the Omega 36M you’ll cut noise, preserve your ears, and even reduce the noise pollution that often plagues hunting lands.

Best AR-10 Suppressor: Chimera 300

The AR-15’s older brother most certainly deserves a suppressor. The famous full-powered AR is well known for being a hard-hitting, long-range capable rifle. The AR-10 most commonly comes in .30 caliber, full-powered rifle rounds, most notably the .762×51, aka the .308 Winchester.

To handle full-power rifle rounds, you need a full-size suppressor, and the Chimera 300 is exactly that.

silencerco Chimera 300 - best ar suppressors
The Chimera 300 eats beefy .30 caliber rounds easily.

The Chimera is so well made that the powerful 7.62x51mm round is on the weaker side of rounds it can digest and suppress. You can take the Chimera 300 up to .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

The Chimera 300 eats these beefy .30 caliber rounds easily and significantly cuts their noise down from booms to pews.  It’s capable of cutting the noise down to a muzzle average of 136.6 dB, and that’s nearly the same volume as most AR-15s in 5.56. 

The Chimera 300 has no barrel restrictions either, making it an option for carbine length and shorter options. Cobalt 6 is used in the internals to create an incredibly durable and well-made suppressor. The Chimera is a glutton for powerhouse rounds and helps reduce the noise, the recoil, the muzzle rise, and even the muzzle flash. You can take your AR-10 to a higher, quieter level with the Chimera 300.

Best Big Bore AR Suppressor: Hybrid 46 or 46M

The AR-15 might be most utilized with intermediate cartridges, but let’s remember that calibers like .450 Bushmaster exist. Oh, and the AR-10 platform opens up to even bigger calibers.

Hard-hitting, big-bore blasters that will make you believe in effective suppressors. A caliber this big tends to be pretty loud, and a suppressor is almost a must-have. If you believe the best calibers start with 4, then the Hybrid 46 or 46M is for you.

Hybrid 46M modular suppressor in short and long configurations
Both configurations of the SilencerCo Hybrid 46M are full-auto rated.

The difference between the two is noticeable. The 46M is modular and allows you to reduce the size of the platform, and the Hybrid 46 remains one size. These suppressors can handle big bore calibers like .45-70 (which exists in an AR-10) but aren’t isolated to the big bores.

The Hybrid 46 and 46M series bill themselves as universal suppressors. This means different calibers do have different volume constraints.

The hybrid 46M can bring the mighty .338 Lapua Magnum down to 140.1 dBs and something like the standard 5.56 down to 18.9 dB.  If you have a .458 SOCOM upper and you want to shoot 5.56 through the can, great, you can! It’s a very versatile system. Heck, you can put it on handguns if you get the right piston.

The 46 and 46M series are compatible with Charlie and ASR for long guns and SilencerCo Pistons for handguns. If you’re walking the big bore route, then I’d suggest a muzzle brake to help reduce recoil when shooting unsuppressed. 

The Hybrid 46 series provides excellent suppression and even recoil reduction, which gets awfully handy with those shoulder-kicking big bores. If you shoot lots and lots of ARs and can only have a single suppressor, then the Hybrid 46M is the way to go. 

Suppress All the ARs

Suppressing an AR is a fairly simple process. The design and popularity of the AR platform make it easy, especially considering the abundance of muzzle devices and the mass availability of threaded barrels.

With that in mind, let’s suppress all the ARs! SilencerCo certainly has plenty of options to make it happen, so check it out.

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