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Best SilencerCo .22 Cal Suppressors for 2024

Best SilencerCo .22 Cal Suppressors for 2024

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David Higginbotham

David Higginbotham

Among the myriad options available, .22 caliber suppressors hold a special place. With numerous benefits, many people consider a .22 cal suppressor the best first suppressor to own.  If you’re looking for the best .22 cal suppressors of 2024, this list should help you find some clarity. We’ll begin by laying out some of the considerations that drive this decision. 

First — are you looking for a silencer that is designed for .22 LR, or do you want something capable of handling rounds like 5.56 or .223? Though the bore running through both are the same, some suppressors are built for the pressure of larger centerfire rounds, and some are not. So what do you want to shoot?

SilencerCo Switchback 22
Rimfire cans like the Switchback will cover .22 LR, as well as faster Magnum rounds.

As you narrow down calibers, think about the gun or guns you may want to suppress. Some designs are excellent all-around suppressors, while others offer modularity that allow for more intentional use on pistols or rifles, or both. 

The next question I often get is about cost. The most affordable suppressors are often the best choices for those looking for their first silencer, and they’re often the easiest to use, too. Yet there’s often an argument to be made for the nuanced performance provided by more intricately designed suppressors, too. And dedicated rimfire suppressors will cost less than those built for centerfire versatility. 

Make a list of your priorities and put all of these on there: calibers, cost, complexity, and even length and weight.

Best .22 and .22 LR Suppressors

2. Sparrow 22

There’s no better choice for a dedicated rimfire suppressor than the SilencerCo Sparrow. I’ve been running one for more than a decade, have put thousands of rounds through it, and it works as well today as it did on day one. Even though it is now considered a classic, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it the best .22 LR suppressor. 

The design is simple enough. A monolithic core is wrapped by two stainless shields and held together with a clean tube. The direct mount is exceptionally simple to use. If you are looking for the best first suppressor, this is it. 

SilencerCo Sparrow .22 suppressor
The SilencerCo Sparrow is a slim, user-servicable, full-auto rated rimfire suppressor that should be a standard accessory on every .22.

The Sparrow was my first suppressor. I like how easy it is to clean. This has been my go-to teaching tool for anyone new to firearms, especially kids, mounted on my old 10-22 or my Buckmark. The price, too, of the Sparrow makes this my choice for the best affordable suppressor, too. 

But don’t underestimate the Sparrow. This classic design can handle .22 LR, .22 Mag, .17 HMR, .17 WSM and FN 5.7 × 28, too. Its use of Delta adapters add versatility, too. 

1. Switchback 22

The Switchback 22 offers something different. While the Sparrow is exceptionally versatile on pistols and rifles, and can cover a lot of the associated rimfire calibers, the Switchback is one suppressor that has multiple, more specific, configurations that provide distinct noise suppression properties. 

I’ll explain. The design is modular. The baffle-stack is reversable, too, for use with either rifles or pistols. In its longest form, the Switchback can be set for maximum suppression for rimfire rifles or (when the baffle stack is flipped) for pistols. The two halves, though, are not equal in length, so the suppressor can be used in the two long configurations, a medium length, or even a short length for those more concerned about weight and extra length. 

Best .22lr suppressor for AR, SilencerCo Switchback 22 in multiple configurations.
In its compact mode, the Switchback 22 perfectly complements this tiny little Walther P22.

This versatility makes the Switchback 22 a solid choice for the best rimfire suppressor on the market. In its longest set-up, with the baffles oriented for a rifle, the Switchback’s sound suppression beats all of its competitors. It is literally the best suppressor in its class. 

Like the Sparrow, the Switchback 22 uses Delta mounts that allow for easy attachment to a variety of different thread pitches.

Best .223 / 5.56 Suppressors

As I mentioned above—there are some who prefer end-user serviceability for a dedicated rimfire can, like the Sparrow. But there are other .22 caliber rounds to consider that are far less grungy. For those, I’d also suggest widening your search. 

5. Chimera 300

The Chimera has proven exceptionally capable on hard-use rifles. Like the Omega 300, the Chimera 300 is a .30 caliber can that can handle a wide variety of calibers. From the smallest of the rimfies, up to .300 WinMag, the Chimera is built for hard use. 

Chimera 300
The Chimera is a multi-caliber suppressor, made for .223 REM / 5.56 NATO to .300 WIN. It is compatible with Charlie Mounts and Front Caps, and all ASR Muzzle Devices — allowing for versatility however you use it.

As for versatility, the Chimera 30 is built with cobalt-6 and inconel baffles housed within a stainless tube that’s fully welded. The inherent strength allows the Chimera’s full-auto rating, but also makes this an ideal suppressor for anyone running an SBR. 

The Chimera, like most of these on this list, has a wide variety of attachments that make perfecting your set-up easy. The Chimera will work with all of the ASR mounts and Charlie accessories. From three-lug, quick detach to direct thread—all of the available mounting options are available. 

If I were looking for a 5.56 suppressor, one that I could take off of an AR to put on a .30 caliber hunting rifle for example, this would be my choice. Caliber-specific front caps are easy to swap out, and that will help trap sound, even though the internal diameter is built to accommodate the .30 caliber projectiles.

4. Omega 36M

For those who want Alpha to Omega versatility, the Omega 36M is another stellar option. The additional internal diameter makes the Omega perfect for the larger rounds like .350 Legend or .338 Lapua—even pistol calibers like 9mm. 

And the Omega 36M line can be run in two lengths. The longer pairing of the two components provides the maximum in sound suppression. The shorter configuration, though, allows for greater flexibility where movement is concerned. The short configuration weighs in under 10 ounces.

SilencerCo Omega 36M
The two-piece modular design of the Omega 36M offers exceptional versatility.

Like the Chimera 300, the Omega 36M uses Charlie mounts and front caps, so caliber-specific options are available to maximize suppression. 

The Omega 36M can go from your rimfire to your pistol to a PCC to a long-range precision rifle, all with a few intuitive changes to the mounts. From the intense pressures of 5.57mm up to .338 Lapua.

3. Omega 300

When looking at versatility, consider one size larger than your anticipated caliber. If you shoot .223, or even .22 LR and you want to keep the door open to other options, the Omega 300 is an excellent choice. 

omega 300 suppressor
The Omega 300 is a multi-caliber suppressor, rated from .223 REM/5.56 NATO to .300 WM.

The Omega 300 is a .30 caliber suppressor that provides exceptional sound suppression for 5.56, too. The Omega 300 attaches with Bravo mounts and can use any of the ASR brakes inside the suppressor, but the anchor brake on the front end adds additional felt-recoil reduction. 

While it may seem larger than the Sparrow, the potential provided by an adaptable platform means this one suppressor can be truly multi-purpose—and it weighs less than a pound.

2. Saker 556K

The Saker 556K will work well for 5.56 or .223 rounds. This design has proven to be exceptionally durable, and it comes in under five inches. The Saker 556 is my go-to choice for my AR-15s, and the shorter Saker 556K is ideal for use on an SBR. I’d consider both for a rimfire. 

SilencerCo Saker 556K - best .22 cal suppressors
The Saker 556K works well for 5.56 or .223 rounds.

As a dedicated 5.56 suppressor, the Saker line works exceptionally well with other rounds of the same size. The Saker is sealed, though, so you may want to consider how much bog-standard .22 LR you plan to shoot. Exposed lead on rimfire projectiles tends to shred as it passes over rifling and this fouling can make a mess inside a suppressor.

But rounds like .22 WMR and .17 are typically clad in copper jackets, making them much less likely to foul up the insides of a suppressor. If you are looking for the best .22 suppressor in the “most versatile” category, or one that is truly multi purpose, check out the Saker 556K. 

The Saker Line is built around the Charlie mounts. You may need various sizes to switch between some rifles and pistols.

1. Velos LBP

Or maybe you are unimpressed by efficiency and tradition and are looking for a suppressor that pushes boundaries in every way imaginable. If so, check out the Velos LBP. The main design impetus of the Velos is the low back pressure (LBP) created by its design. 

The Velos LBP is purpose built to funnel the pressure forward — out the front end of the suppressor, and not backwards into the firearm itself. Blow back, especially with the 5.56 in a direct impingement rifle like the AR-15, can be hard on the shooter, as that gas vents through the ejection port and into the face of a shooter. 

But there is more to the Velos LBP. This can pushes the boundaries of production technology, too. The core of this suppressor is 3D printed Inconel. This new manufacturing technology is part of what allows the Velos to change the direction of gas exhaust while also cutting sound. 

SilencerCo Velos LBP
Like the Saker 556K, the Velos LBP wasn’t built for rimfire rounds as its first priority — but it handles those rounds exceptionally well.

The Velos LBP would be my recommendation for anyone looking for the best high-tech suppressor, as the Velos is as fascinating for those of us who geek out over guns as it is effective at sound suppression. 

The Velos LBP uses Charlie mounts and accessories that allow even more versatility.

So what's the best .22 cal suppressor for me?

Answers like this are so complicated. If we’re talking rimfire rounds, I am dedicated to my Sparrow. SilencerCo nailed this design and now, years after its introduction, it continues to be my choice for base-line .22 LR utility. 

As someone who obsesses about design, I’m fascinated by the Switchback, too. I’ve run the switchback on a bolt action .22 LR and there’s something sublime about the muted silence of a subsonic round thwacking a target downrange. 

For those who look at the .22 caliber family in broader terms, there’s utility in the Saker 556 line — especially the Saker 556K. When length and versatility matters, this is an obvious standout. 

And for the top of the line performance, the Velos LBP is as easy on the shooter of a 5.56 as the Sparrow is on a humble rifle. 

Why should I buy a silencer? SilencerCo Sparrow

Which one is the best of the best? Suppressors are a lot like guns themselves. I can remember a time when I was looking for one gun that I thought could do it all. Now I need another safe. And I can make a legitimate and unapologetic case as to why I own multiple suppressors. If this is your first, get ready. Shooting suppressed is addictive.

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