Our Direct Thread Mounts are a simple solution to attach our silencers to any firearm. Compared to the ASR Mount, the Direct Thread Mount shortens the overall length of the suppressor by 3/4″. With many thread pitch and caliber options, your silencer is ready to shoot on almost any platform.

Bravo accessories are compatible with Omega 300, Hybrid 46, Harvester Evo, and Harvester 338.

1/2″ x 28 (AC1415)

5/8″ x 24 (AC669)

3/4″ x 20 (AC4757)

3/4″ x 24 (AC668)

.578″ x 28 (AC1564)

M18x1 (AC690)

M18x1.5 (AC735)

9/16″ x 24 (AC2435)

11/16″ x 24 (AC2439)

M13.5 x 1LH (AC1563)

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