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Episode : 017
October 13, 2017
Game Over

Gaming guns take some huge liberties. Bottomless magazines, oversized artillery, and — our favorite — completely-silent silencers. But they’re still a blast, and our culture wouldn’t be complete without these...
Episode : 016
October 6, 2017
State of the SHARE Act

The tragic events in Las Vegas have had a significant impact on the SHARE Act. This week on SiCo Radio, SilencerCo CEO Josh Waldron shares his thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s...
Episode : 015
September 29, 2017
The Rundown on Maxim 50

On this week’s podcast, we walk through the Maxim 50 - why it’s awesome, why it’s not an NFA item or even a firearm, and why some states still won’t...
Episode : 014
September 15, 2017
How To Buy a Silencer

This one goes out to everyone who has ever thought that buying a silencer was difficult. This week on SiCo Radio Episode 14, we take you on a journey of...

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