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Five Days Of Prizes

Welcome To SilencerCo's NOT Show Giveaway

Earthquakes, hurricanes, a pandemic, ammo shortages, and Christmas was nearly cancelled. WTH 2020!? Did we reach the final level of Jumanji yet? We all thought, “The end is in sight — SHOT Show is only a couple months out!”

Then… SHOT Show was canceled.

We have all had enough “next level sh*t” from 2020, so how about we do an awesome SilencerCo Not Show giveaway instead? Join us in our five-day giveaway with Vertx and Dark Angel Medical. Learn how to enter and see the full prize list below.

How To Enter:

  1. Follow all three participating companies on Instagram: @silencerco @darkangelmedical and @vertx_official
  2. Go to our Instagram page
  3. Like our NOT Show Giveaway pictures — each like = one entry
  4. Make a comment on our NOT Show pictures — one comment per day = one entry
  5. Tag your shooting buddies in our NOT Show picture — each tagged friend = one entry


Winners will be announced Tuesday, February 2 by 5 PM Mountain Time. 

We will message winners directly on Instagram or Facebook so be sure to check your messages. Winners who don’t respond within 48 hours will forgo their prizes and another winner will be chosen. Once all winners are confirmed we will send an email to our subscriber list.

To win, you must live in one of the 42 silencer-friendly states. Non-silencer-friendly states are not eligible for full or partial winnings. Recipient must pay the $200 federal tax stamp and all Class 3 Dealer transfer fees for the suppressor(s). All NFA rules apply. The prize suppressor is still eligible for lifetime warranty work, which will be serviced by SilencerCo LLC, as stipulated in the user manual. Winners will receive instructions on how to redeem prizes when we notify them.

Five Days of Prizes:

Vertx, Dark Angel and SIlencerCo giveaway.

Day One

Monday, January 25

Day Two

Tuesday, January 26

Vertx, Dark Angel and SIlencerCo giveaway.
Vertx, Dark Angel and SIlencerCo giveaway.

Day Three

Wednesday, January 27

Day Four

Thursday, January 28

Vertx, Dark Angel and SIlencerCo giveaway.
Vertx, Dark Angel and SIlencerCo giveaway.

Day Five

Friday, January 29

Enter on our Facebook or Instagram Now:

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