The Gauntlet: Chimera 300

The Gauntlet: Chimera 300

December 21, 2018

We decided to push our most reliable silencer to the limit — and this time we wanted to take our test methods to the next level. What better way to test durability than to let a few of our favorite people put the Chimera through a gauntlet of challenges doing what they do best? Watch our latest film The Gauntlet: Chimera 300. Watch Omar Avila (@crispy11b), Courtney Smith (@sportswomancourtney), Matt Carriker (@drdemolitionmatt), Dave Kiley (@the_diesel_dave), and Rob Terkla (@lunkerstv) put the Chimera 300 to the test. 

No barrel restrictions, full-auto rated, multi-caliber, and perfectly suited for a variety of hosts; the Chimera 300 is arguably the most durable and versatile high volume silencer you can find. Chimera 300 is compatible with 22 Hornet ammo up to 300 WM and offers an impressive 125.8 dB on 300 BLK. Have a favorite mounting system? Chimera matches seamlessly with a variety of mounts market-wide as well as our SilencerCo ASR mounts, muzzle devices, and front caps. 

*Disclaimer: One Chimera was used for this entire test. The Chimera used maintained all original readings after the full range of abuse; however, don't try any of this at home. All stunts were performed by professionals on a closed course.

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