Chimera 300

No Barrel Restrictions


With no barrel restrictions, the Chimera is arguably the best choice for a short barreled rifle (prepare to build your two-tax-stamp setup). Full-auto rated and compatible with 22 Hornet to 300 Winchester Magnum, the Chimera is usable on a variety of hosts. The Chimera is shipped with the reliable quick-attach ASR Mount and a 5/8 X 24 Muzzle Brake for easy installation.

Compatible with Charlie mounts and front caps, and all ASR Muzzle Devices — the versatility you've come to expect from SilencerCo. 

*We do not recommend shooting lead projectiles out of any of our sealed suppressors.

Fully Welded


Full Auto Rated

No Barrel Restrictions

Give it your worst.

What Ships with Your Chimera 300

*Ships with a Spanner Wrench and Charlie Multi-tool

Tech Specs

Total Length 6.90"
Weight 20.1 oz
Diameter 1.60"
Muzzle Average 300 BLK: 125.8 dB
5.56 NATO: 135.3 dB
308 WIN: 136.8 dB
300 WM: 141.6 dB
Warrantied Down To No Barrel Restrictions
Materials Inconel, Stellite, & Stainless Steel
Finish Black, White, & FDE
SKU Black: SU2616
White: SU2646
FDE: SU2645
MSRP $1,030