Explosives. Cannonballs.

The best way to spend a Saturday with Street Bike Tommy.

Shocking though it may be… Street Bike Tommy isn’t his given name. Born Tommy Passemante and self-dubbed the Eastern Regional Wholesaler of Awesome, Tommy can often be found shirtless and looking to impress. This former hanger of drywall first became famous not for his success or skill in performing stunts or riding street bikes, but for one ill-fated attempt to simply jump a street bike into a foam pit. Nearly earning himself a casket and a Darwin Award, Tommy claims he was trying to do a front flip (he wasn’t), and in the process managed to fly completely over the large expanse of cushioned foam, head first into the rigid and unyielding concrete. Little did he know, this epic failure would receive the official Pastrana stamp of approval. Tommy and the boys have been going bigger, better, and nuttier ever since!

Watch the full video below.


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