Alpha Direct Thread Mount

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Alpha Direct Thread Mount
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This direct thread mount will attach the following suppressors directly to a threaded, fixed (rifle) barrel:  

Omega 9 K / Omega 45 K 

Octane 9 / Octane 45 / 45 K 

Harvester 300

This thread mount is not for use on pistols with unlocking or moving barrels.  Using this mount on a pistol can result in damage to the suppressor. 

Select the thread pitch that matches your rifle barrel threads via the dropdown menu. 


1/2"-28 (AC633)

5/8"-24 (AC634)

7/16"-28 (AC635)

1/2"-32 (AC731)

9/16"-24 (AC822)

3/4"-24 (AC1496)

M13x.75 (AC2629)

M18x1 (AC837)