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Octane Series

The Octane line comprising the Octane 9 and Octane 45 have been workhorses of SilencerCo’s pistol silencer offerings since 2014. The Octane is extremely popular and provides effective sound reductions of all commonly used centerfire pistol ammunition from 5.7×28 through 10mm. The Octane is full-auto rated for its specified caliber designation (ie. 9 or 45), while also being capable of suppressing .300 BLK subsonic loads. 

The Octane is a user-serviceable suppressor, featuring a removable front cap allowing for inspection and cleaning of the removable “CTA” (Click Together Assembly) Baffle Stack machined from 17-4 stainless steel. The ability to completely disassemble the Octane is critical to those customers who regularly shoot machine guns, reload lead cast bullets, those who intend to use the suppressor as a rimfire suppressor and those who simply like to clean and maintain their firearms. 

After a brief hiatus from the active product portfolio, the Octane line was reintroduced with a redesigned outer tube featuring a slightly more aggressive grip texture. More importantly, the Octane was reintroduced at a significantly lower price point, providing SilencerCo customers with options and flexibility in pricing.

Remember! Pistol silencers don’t include a piston, which is required for operation. Pistons must be ordered separately. Pistons are interchangeable for Osprey Series, Octane Series, Omega K Series, Omega 36M and Hybrid 46.

Octane Series Key Fact Sheet

  • Category: Pistol
  • Compatible Accessories: Alpha, ASR, piston, & 3-lug
  • Caliber: Octane 9: 9mm, .357 Sig, & .300 BLK subsonic / Octane 45: 9mm to .45 ACP & .300 BLK subsonic
  • Weight: Octane 9: 11.0 oz. / Octane 45: 12.1 oz.
  • Length: Octane 9: 7.65” / Octane 45: 8.32”
  • Diameter: 1.40”
  • Materials: Aluminum & 17 – 4 SS
  • Best Features: Full-auto rated, user-serviceable, multi-caliber, multi-platform compatibility
  • Ships With: 9mm or 45ACP front cap, spring retainer, spring, and manual


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