Josh Kline is no stranger to hard work and the need to overcome adversity. Looking back at the last five years of his NFL career it’s filled with highs and lows.

After signing with the New England Patriots in 2013 for his rookie year, he rode that roller coaster of ups and downs. By 2016, and starting only 18 games for New England, Josh was released by the Patriots in Week 1 to be claimed soon after by the Tennessee Titans. His approach to the game allowed him to adjust to a new offensive scheme and have an immediate positive impact in Tennessee.

As a child, Josh was sure of two things: he wanted to play in the NFL, and he loved the outdoors. Like many of us, he had no idea how these two passions would play hand-in-hand in his future.

In Harvested: Last Hurrah, we head down to Florida to link up with the Tennessee Titans’ starting right guard, Josh Kline, in pursuit of monster gators and wild pigs. Join us on the journey to experience Josh’s last hurrah before the NFL season begins and learn how being in the outdoors has helped shape Josh into who he is today.

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